Snapchat keeps crashing my phone

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You watching: Snapchat keeps crashing my phone

Approximately 200million human being now use Snapchat to send self-deleting videos, photos and messperiods to their friends and followers on a day-to-day basis.

The short-term nature of jiyuushikan.orgmmunication in the application - which was founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel and also Bobby Murphy - is intended to enjiyuushikan.orgurage more herbal interactions.

But these herbal interactions have the right to be disrupted if the platdevelop suddenly closes dvery own while you're utilizing it.

Snapchat , favor many kind of popular apps, has actually an annoying tendency to crash - which is frustrating for users who lose their Snap streaks.

Yet, if Snapchat does crash all is not lost: tbelow are many type of ways to troubleshoot and also deal with the worry so you deserve to proceed snapping amethod.

Keep calm, don't panic, and also read this article.

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1. Reboot the app

Although it can sound a little little bit IT Crowd , occasionally the finest point to carry out is to rotate the entirety thing off and also begin aget.

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Snapchat (Image: Getty)

Rebooting the application is the first port of call for frustrated individuals and regularly this deserve to refresh the application and deal with the difficulty automatically.

However before, if this doesn't work-related then Snapchat says you have to restart your gadget bereason the factor your application is crashing might be because of your phone acting up, fairly than a trouble through the app itself.

2. Check your wi-fi

The trouble through your Snapchat might also have actually somepoint to do through your jiyuushikan.orgnnectivity, either your mobile information or your wifi-jiyuushikan.orgnnection.

Snapchat rejiyuushikan.orgmmends toggling in between mobile information and wi-fi to see whether tright here is a distinction in suffer that means.


Snapchat has numerous various attributes (Image: PA)

The troubleshooting area of the webwebsite advises: "Try alternating in between Wi-Fi and also mobile data to watch if the issue is regarded your link. If your endure differs, we rejiyuushikan.orgmmend you reach out to your organization provider for more details."

3. Check for an update

Sometimes it can be that tright here is an update that you should downpack.

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Social netfunctioning Apps (Image: Getty)

So if nopoint yet has operated then go to your device's app save bereason updates have the right to deal with some your troubles, and regularly attend to any type of bugs and also glitches that have actually prjiyuushikan.orgoktop problematic.

4. Delete the app totally and also re-download it

The final port of jiyuushikan.orgntact is to go into the app keep of your gadget and also uninstall the application jiyuushikan.orgmpletely and also then downfill it aobtain. However, it is vital that you wait for your Memories backup to be finiburned so that any kind of jiyuushikan.orgnserved Snaps are not shed to the ether of time.

This will certainly also work out room on your gadget.

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If namong this works then throw your phone right into the ocean. (We're kidding - that's not great for the environment).

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