Are you thinking of investing in a memory foam pillow but worried that it may feel too hot? Do you need some stress relief for your neck or shoulders? If so, then a gel pillow can be the solution you require.

Our favorite gel pillow is the Z Shredded Gel-infused Memory Foam Pillow, made via little pieces of foam to promote airflow and also cooling gel beds for a cool sleep. Our second favorite pick is the ViscoSoft Arctic Gel Contour Pillow, which has a curved form for targeted neck support and also comfort.

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Wading through every one of the information on pillows out tright here have the right to be an overwhelming job. In this post, we’ll cover the 7 best gel pillows on the sector, along with the benefits of using one, and things to save in mind before you buy.

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#1 Best for Neck Support- ViscoSoft Arctic Gel Contour Pillow through Coolmax Cover


ViscoSoft ARCTIC GEL CONTOUR Pillow – Cooling Gel, Contouring Memory Foam, Removable Cover –...
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What We Liked:

Contoured for assistance Soft, comfortable cover Made in the USA

What We Didn’t Like:

May have an off-gassing odor Might feel also soft for some

If you’re looking for a gel pillow not simply for some additional comfort and cooling however for targeted neck support, you can appreciate the ViscoSoft Arctic Gel Contour Pillow. This product uses soft, yet supportive memory foam and also has a contoured shape. This curved style cradles your head and keeps your neck sustained to relieve pain and tension.

The pillow uses WaveFlow gel and also a cool, breathable cover to save sleepers resting at a comfortable temperature. ViscoSoft has a 30-day rerevolve plan that allows you to request a refund if you aren’t satisfied through your pillow for some reason. The product is backed by a three-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

#2 Best Spending Plan Option- The LinenSpa Shredded Pillow with Gel Memory Foam


Linenspa Shredded Pillow with Gel Memory Foam, Standard, White

What We Liked:

Budget-friendly price Easy to form to your liking Machine-washable cover

What We Didn’t Like:

May feel also thick for some Heavy style some might not choose Potential off-gassing odor

The LinenSpa shredded memory foam pillow has actually a memory foam core and an outer layer made with gel foam. It has actually a medium-firm feel, which have to work for a broad array of sleepers. You can relocate and shape the shredded foam to fit your distinct preferences. It additionally has actually an affordable price, compared to various other gel memory foam pillows.

This pillow is 6-inches thick and also concreates to your neck and also shoulders for push relief. It has actually a hefty design that helps it remain in area and support you all night lengthy. The cover is made through 250 thcheck out count cotton, has a soft feel, and also have the right to be rerelocated for machine washing. This product comes with a three-year warranty.

#3 Best Reversible Option- Sleep Technologies Reversible Gel Memory Foam Pillow


What We Liked:

Two sides in one Made in the USA Five-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

Some sleepers might uncover it also tough May call for a break-in duration

This gel pillow by Sleep Advancements has actually a reversible design that uses two sleep surencounters in one. One side is made through gel-infoffered memory foam that keeps you cool, while the various other is simply simple memory foam without cooling gel. The foam supplied in this pillow molds to your body’s unique curves to aid your spine continue to be correctly aligned.

The pillow is 5-inches high and also has actually a soft, removable cover you deserve to throw in the washing machine. It comes with a five-year restricted warranty.

#4 Best Luxury Option- The Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cool-Gel Memory Foam Pillow


What We Liked:

10-year warranty Made in the USA Two sides to sleep on

What We Didn’t Like:

Might go flat faster than others Not as cool as various other gel pillows

The Perfect Cloud Gel Pillow cradles you to sleep and also has 2 various sides with differing coolness options. One side has a gel layer and also the other is the brand’s signature memory foam, making this pillow suitable for eextremely seaboy.

Hypoallergenic to protect sleepers versus dust mites and also mold, this pillow comes through ventilation holes to further promote cooling. The cover has actually a soft knit design and have the right to be machine waburned. The Perfect Cloud Gel Pillow might conform much faster than other memory foam deindicators which implies it’s comfortable immediately.

The level of comfort readily available by the Perfect Cloud Dual Option Pillow deserve to potentially ease stress and anxiety in the neck and shoulders. If you sit at a computer eincredibly day, switching to this pillow can aid you recuperate.

#5 Best for Side Sleepers- The Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow

What We Liked:

Retains its shape over time Gel core for cooling Five-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

Pillow can’t be washed Off-gassing odor

Finding the best pillow deserve to be a little tricky as a side sleeper because you’ll require just the right amount of firmness and also a low sufficient profile to store your neck aligned in this position. Too soft a pillow can permit your head to sink in too much, making it difficult to breathe and also possibly leading to pain.

The Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow was designed to assistance side sleepers via a firm and low profile. It additionally provides a vented architecture for amplified airflow and a cool sleeping endure. It has a gel memory foam core that helps prevent warm from structure up and a removable, washable cover.

The architecture of the Serta Gel Side Sleeper Pillow also works well for earlier sleepers and also the low profile need to properly and comfortably assistance the neck in this position. The product comes via a five-year restricted warranty.

#6 Best Thick Option- The PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow through Cooling Gel

What We Liked:

Hypoallergenic Seven-year warranty Two sides

What We Didn’t Like:

Chemical smell Doesn’t cool as well as others

If you like a thicker pillow, you could want to think about the PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow through Cooling Gel. It has actually a plush design made through medium-thickness foam and permits you to choose in between an plain memory foam side and a side via cooling gel. It has actually a hypoallergenic architecture, so if you experience from a down allergy, this could be a potential solution for you.

This pillow adapts to your neck and head, relieving pressure points and also easing stress and anxiety throughout the night. The cover on the PharMeDoc Gel Pillow comes off for easy washing and the pillow comes through a seven-year warranty.

#7 The Best Overall – The Z Shredded Gel-infprovided Memory Foam Pillow

What We Liked:

Moisture-wicking cover Promotes aircirculation Moldable for comfort

What We Didn’t Like:

May feel as well firm for some May gain lumpy over time

The Z Shredded Gel-infprovided Memory Foam Pillow supplies heat-dispersing gel beads and also comfortable foam to give you a cool resting surconfront. The shredded foam pieces are not only breathable yet moldable, so you have the right to readjust the pillow to the form you like.

This pillow comes via a Tencel™ (a soft, organic cellulose fiber) cover that is breathable and also moisture-wicking. The shredded foam in this pillow promotes airflow and also is encased in a memory foam “Gel Dough” sleeve that creates a smooth surconfront.

The Z Shredded Gel-infoffered Memory Foam Pillow has actually a medium-firm feel and also comes with a three-year warranty.

What Is A Gel Pillow?

A gel pillow is a memory foam pillow via a layer of cooling gel included. Memory foam is a conforming product that responds to body heat, contouring roughly your body to develop pressure-relieving comfort. Many users have actually reported pain relief and improvements in their top quality of sleep after switching to memory foam.

But the material have the right to come with a drawback; retaining also a lot warm and also feeling as well warm. By including a gel layer to their assets, manufacturers can ensure that you sleep cooler as the product disperses your body warm.

These assets additionally typically encompass a cool, breathable cover to help through temperature regulation. The type of gel provided will certainly depfinish on the manufacturer and also the majority of providers have actually proprietary products for this.

Benefits Of A Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Trying to fall (or stay) asleep once you’re as well hot is basically impossible and also causes the majority of discomfort. Thanktotally, a gel pillow can assist via this. Here are some benefits to making the switch:

Potential pain relief: Memory foam pillows contour approximately your neck and head, permitting the weight to be dispersed evenly. A gel pillow allows you to get this benefit without overheating in the night and also waking up sweaty.

Falling asleep faster: When you’re at a comfortable temperature (which is in between 60 and 68 levels F for sleeping), falling asleep have the right to occur a lot faster. Some civilization naturally sleep hotter than others, which provides unique cooling technology all the even more vital for them.

Staying asleep: Not only does a comfortable resting temperature enable you to drop off to sleep fast, however it also permits you to remain deeply asleep. A gel pillow will certainly pull your body warm away from you, preventing you from getting too warm and also keeping you comfortable as you rest.

Having more energy throughout the day: Getting poor sleep night after night deserve to have actually detripsychological results on your mental wellness. You may feel stressed out even more conveniently and sapped of energy. By taking actions to remainder cooler at night through a gel pillow, you could discover that you have more power throughout the day.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Before deciding to use a gel memory foam pillow, below are some components to store in mind:

Sleep Position

Some sleepers sleep specifically on their earlier, while others sleep on simply their stomach or simply their side. Then tright here are human being who switch in between these positions (combination sleepers). The ideal type of pillow for you relies on what your favored sleep position is.

If you sleep on your stomach, you’ll be better off through a level pillow, so your neck and back aren’t strained. Side sleepers need to use a firm pillow to encertain their head is propped up enough, while ago sleepers might perform finest via a medium-firm pillow for appropriate neck support. A medium-firm pillow will likewise job-related for combination sleepers.

Types of Gel Pillows

Tright here are a couple of different types of gel pillows easily accessible on the industry. While some are made from a single piece of foam, others are made through “shredded” foam. Shredded memory foam pillows are made through many type of small pieces of foam instead of one solid item, which renders the pillow fluffier and even more moldable. Shredded foam additionally promotes aircirculation even more than solid foam pillows.

Some gel pillows have actually layers of gel alengthy the internal and others use gel layers on the surconfront. Some have removable gel layers while others are fused to the pillow. A memory foam pillow might be infused through gel swirls or beads for cooling, instead of or in enhancement to gel layers.

Appropriate Pillow Usage

Gel pillows come in all forms and sizes. While the choices that look and feature favor ordinary pillows are basic enough to use without extra explacountry, other types need extra consideration.

If you’re using a curved memory foam pillow, the level side should be encountering dvery own. The larger curve must be closer to your shoulders while the smaller sized curve should be on peak of your head as you lie down. By utilizing your pillow effectively, you’ll obtain the a lot of out of it.


While memory foam pillows have the right to expense as bit as $12, gel memory foam pillows tend to price around $40 to $50 on average. You’ll need to think around whether you’re willing to spfinish this prior to you decide on a gel pillow.


Before choosing a new gel pillow, you must review over the warranty that comes through it. This will vary based upon the top quality of the product, the manufacturer, and also more.


You’ll find a variety of firmness options for gel pillows. Some also permit you to change the firmness by adding or removing filling. The firmness level you need to select will certainly depfinish on your individual preference. Aobtain, stomach sleepers will perform well with a softer pillow, side sleepers a firmer pillow, and also ago sleepers medium-firm.

Pillow Shape

Gel pillows come in all shapes and sizes, just favor ordinary memory foam pillows. Here are some of the alternatives you’ll find:

Traditional: Some gel pillows look and also function a lot choose an ordinary, standard pillow in form and dimension. These may work-related well for human being who want to switch to a much more comfortable pillow yet don’t have actually specific support demands that a distinctive pillow form deserve to carry out.

Convoluted: A convoluted pillow has an egg crate-shaped design that promotes airflow. While gel layers or infusions deserve to enhance your pillow temperature, a convoluted style will boost it also more and store you cool. This design might be suitable for world that have severe battles via gaining too hot in their sleep.

Curved: A curved gel pillow is the abovementioned style that has 2 curves and also a dip in the facility. If your neck needs some attention and unique support, this can be the right style for you.

Keep in mind that memory foam have the right to be slow-responding and also may additionally take a while to break in after you buy it. If your pillow feels as well firm, give it a few minutes to concreate to your neck and also head and also likewise offer yourself some time to change to using a new form of pillow.

Break-in Period

Many memory foam pillows will require a break-in duration of a couple of days or weeks prior to they feel truly comfortable. While individuals report that their pillow felt incredibly difficult initially and also softened over time. To help this procedure, try to sleep in the position you sleep in most frequently during the break-in period.


Since it’s a unique architecture, the gel pillow comes via its own collection of considerations. Here are some of the the majority of frequently asked questions regarding this pillow type:

Q: Do I need an additional pillowcase with a gel pillow? A: Many gel pillows will come via their own removable cover that you can take off and also throw in the washing machine. Some might prefer to usage a second cover over this to develop a customized feel or simply to make the pillow more sanitary.

Q: How often need to you relocation your gel pillow? A: People that usage an plain polyester pillow have to replace it eexceptionally 6 months. Memory foam and gel pillows, however, have the right to last as much as a few years or also much longer, relying on the top quality of products supplied. The ideal method to tell when you require a brand-new pillow is by noticing when it stops feeling as comfortable as it did before.

Q: What does “fill” refer to via gel pillows? A: While some memory foam pillows are created out of a single piece of foam, others have actually fiberfill or shredded foam. These types of pillows are even more conforming and might have a plusher feel to them than those through a solid piece of foam. Some pillows also permit you to include or rerelocate filling for a tradition feel.

Q: Are gel pillows suitable for pregnant women? A: Due to the fact that resting hot is a prevalent symptom in pregnancy, a gel pillow might assist via this issue. One thing to store in mind, though, is that some memory foam pillows come with an off-gassing odor. Because pregnant womales are likewise sensitive to smells, this could bvarious other some.

Q: What else can I do to sleep cooler at night? A: While a gel-infused memory foam pillow can certainly assist you keep your sleep temperature dvery own, it’s much from the just point you can execute. You could desire to consider obtaining a certain mattress designed for cool sleeping, favor a gel-infused memory foam choice. In addition, you have the right to use a breathable product for your sheets, such as cotton.

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Final Verdict

All in all, a gel memory foam pillow is an excellent alternative for human being who require condeveloping push relief for their neck or shoulders but who have trouble through overheating at night. Getting breathable sheets and a cool-sleeping mattress will certainly also be a large assist. The finest in its entirety gel pillow pick is the Z Shredded Gel-infsupplied Memory Foam Pillow, because of its moldable feature and breathable architecture.