Skype symbol meaning

Skype is just one of the service providers that managed to gain to the height in a reasonably brief duration of time. Its logo has actually not changed much other than for a slight change of the shade system.

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Meaning and history


Being among the oldest and the majority of popular messengers and network-related organization companies, Skype has actually had many type of visual identification redesigns throughout its background, though every one of them attribute a distinct and recognizable style, so the transmutation from one emblem to one more has always been smooth and breakable.

2003 — 2004


The original Skype logo, introduced in 2003, was composed of a rounded white wordmark in the lowerinstance, laced on a gradient red background, repeating the contours of the engraving. The red and white color palette stood for professionalism, passion, and power of the firm, and its steady approach to adopting the latest innovations.

2004 — 2005


In 2004 the logo was reattracted and also made three-dimensional, by including darker shades of red to a thick outline, and also some light gradients to the inscription itself. The outline currently looked more prefer a cloud, evoking a sort and welcoming feeling.

2005 — 2006


The restyle of 2005 switched the red Skype shade palette to blue, and also this color stays through the brand also this particular day. Bothe the cloud outline and the engraving were executed in gradient shades.

2006 — 2012


In 2006 the lettering is being simplified and also starts being drawn in simple white, while the blue cloud becomes brighter and has its top component in gradients, looking shiny and vivid.

2012 — 2018


The restyle of 2012 makes the Skype logo simple and also level, adding a sense of seriousness and also professionalism. The contours and also the complace remajor untouched, though the streamlined color palette makes the letters look bolder and smovarious other.

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2017 — 2019


In 2017 the concept of the Skype visual identity was adjusted for the initially time. The iconic cloudy wordmark was reinserted by a bideal symbol, placed on the best from the lightweight title-instance wordmark in a conventional sans-serif typechallenge. The emblem featured a rounded bright blue shape via a bold white letter “S” on it. The “S” was executed in a thick r oh never before typechallenge, resembling previous logo design versions.

2019 — Today


In 2019 the wordmark was removed from the Skype logo design and the emblem we all have the right to view this particular day is a stylish and also minimalist badge, consisting of a gradient blue circle via white “S” on it, placed over a thick diagonal line with its ends softened and rounded. The emblem looks brilliantly as the brand’s signifier and also symbol, representing the software application at its ideal and also reflecting a solid attach to its roots, along with the capability to love and also change.



The earliest Skype logo design looked nearly the exact same as the current one other than for the 3D effect used to the cloud shape, on which the word “Skype” appears. In 2012, quickly after the acquisition by Microsoft, the background the 3D impact disshowed up, color scheme came to be easier, it was decreased to white and also one shade of blue.

The “S” emblem


In enhancement to the wordnote logo design Skype has a basic emblem that is supplied as its symbol. In truth, the earliest Skype symbol looked exceptionally various from what it is currently. First, it was a small yellow “cloud” (2003), then a white rectangular inside a blue rectangular (2003), than a much more complex photo developed out of a number of circles (2004). However before, all these logos did not last long, and also as soon late 2004 the now-familiar “S” emblem was introduced. It had practically the very same shape as the one supplied this particular day, but proparts were slightly various. Also, the color system was transformed and brand-new visual results applied. Today, the icon comprises the white “S” character against the light blue background with a 3D result.



The Skype wordmark is based on the font Arial Rounded MT Bold typeface. This font was designed by Robin Nicholas in 1993.

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The shade palette consists of white and a clean, light shade of blue. Tbelow are two possible versions:

the brand’s name offered in white is surrounded by a blue cloudthe inverted color scheme: the word “Skype” (blue) is provided against a white cloud placed into a rectangular form (blue).