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Usually Skype will certainly let the friend"s birthday notification mode be on the list for customers to recognize. However, this birthday announcement sometimes annoys you so we have the right to rotate them off.

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Like Facebook and Zalo, Skype also lets you display screen friends" birthday notifications by default, making it possible to sfinish greetings to friends on the list. However before, when you obtain also many kind of birthday announcements, it is also a nuisance, especially for those who perform not understand. So exactly how can I rotate off the birthday notification on Skype? Please describe the complying with in-depth tutorial of Netoccupational Administrator.

Step 1:

First of all, we log into our Skype account. In the interface, click on Tools then pick Options . Or we can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +, to conveniently access the Options section of the account.


Tip 2:

Switch to the new interchallenge, right here you click the Notifications item in the list to the left of the interchallenge.

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Step 3:

In the Notifications Setitngs section, looking at the content on the ideal will see the notice settings on the Skype account. By default, notifications will certainly be collection to On.

In order to not get the news of your friend"s birthday on the account, the user will uncheck the item in the has actually a birthday section . Then, click the Save button at the bottom of the interchallenge to conserve it.

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So you will certainly not obtain any birthday announcements on your Skype account anyeven more. In addition to the above settings list, customers have the right to optionally turn on or revolve off sfinishing messeras, sfinishing call information, offline condition on Skype, and so on If you want to obtain notifications aget, you simply need to pick them aget. choice dropped.

I wish you all success!

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Lesley Montoya
Update 24 May 2019
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