Siri disappeared

I have an iPhone SE via iOS 10.3.1. The Setups app does not display the Siri option. I want to enable Hey Siri and I have actually constraints disabled.

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Here are some screenshots:

Settings View


Inside General Settings


Inside General Setups Scrolled


Inside General Settings bottom


How execute I allow Hey Siri?



This works for iOS 11 and also earlier (Restrictions were changed in iOS 12):

The most basic way to get Siri ago (without doing a Soft Reset or Recollection All Settings), carry out this:

Go to Settings→General→RestrictionsEnable Restrictions; provide it a password.Disallow Siri & Dictation.Rerotate earlier to General settings.Go ago to Restrictions, placing in the password.Allow Siri & Dictation. Go back to Setups and also Siri & Search must now be accessible.Disable Restrictions.

This functioned on an iPhone 6s Plus on iOS 11.2.5.

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This problem persists after updating to ios 11 also, so I simply did a recollection all settings and also Hey Siri option came earlier.

PS: the factor I did reset all settings as because springboard maintained on crashing virtually day-to-day which ended up being annoying.



Does Siri revolve on as soon as you organize down the Home Button?

The only trouble of why you do not see Siri is the restraints,then try to enable them on Siri (looks casually if it shows up in the settings) and after remove.

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Try to press the Home Button and the Power Button at the same time,for around 10 seconds,until you check out the logo.

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