Ironclad has dropped a couple of details about the stand-alone development to Sins of a Solar Realm, Rebellion, beginning through the department of the game"s 3 factions and also the Titans they will be commanding.

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Speaking in an interviewvia GameSpy (by means of VE3D), Stardock producer Brian Clair shelp the TEC, Advent, and Vasari have actually each been split into Loyalist and a Rebel factions. The differences in between playing each faction will depfinish on which race the player chooses.

"The TEC Loyalists are incredibly protective. If you"re a gamer who likes to turtle, they"re most likely the ideal suited for you," said Clair. "They"ve been designed via that in mind. The TEC Rebels are incredibly aggressive, so if you"re a player who likes to go out, doesn"t turtle at all, moves extremely conveniently from one tarobtain to the next, they would fit you the finest.

"The Vasari Loyalists... I do not desire to provide also much amethod, but they"re offensive. They"ve gone back to their original roots, if you will certainly, whereas the Vasari Rebels have actually made a decision to go down that diplomatic route. I do not desire to say they"re more of a peacenik factivity, because that"s not true of any kind of Vasari, however they want to acquire along as much as they have the right to."

Clair said what defines each factivity is its super-resources ship, a Titan, which is "incredibly defensively oriented, in terms of offering defensive buffs to surrounding fleets so they survive much longer."

For example, the TEC Loyalists" research provides the factivity bonsupplies as soon as in their very own region, therefore rewarding the player for slowly advancing and also "not rampaging, ruining whatever in sight."

Tright here will certainly also be differing distinctions between faction Titans, which will be dividied into six distinctive versions, each through its own abilities and statistics.

Like funding ships, which have actually 3 constant abilities and also an ultimate capability unlockable at level 6, Titans are similar however likewise have a set of unlockable "passive abilities" allowing specific areas of the ship to be stronger, and offensively make the ship more effective.

"It basically goes dvery own to their factional view and also their racial view," Clair defined. "The TEC, of all 3 races, are more than likely the leastern technologically occurred in its entirety. Their Titans tend to be practical, they"re very militaristic-looking, they"re not very elegant to look at. But they"re effective, they gain the job done, based upon whether you"re a Rebel or a Loyalist.

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"The Advent are very culture-based, so their Titans have nice curves, not sharp angles, and also they use their psionic abilities to the utmany. So for instance, if you were playing through among the Advent Titans, you have an possibility to mind-regulate foe ships, or take over adversary planets ssuggest through your psionic power. And then there"s the typical weapon differences, wright here the Advent are right into beam tools and the TEC are right into autocannons and also that kind of more mundane stuff. As a vast overcheck out, that"s the high-level distinction."

You deserve to read the whole interwatch via the link, and also be sure to check out shots of the Advent, TEC, and also Vasari Titans below in the gallery.