World-renowned illusionists Siegfried & Roy will certainly "carry the magic back" to family tv through today"s premiere of their animated miniseries, "Siegfried & Roy: Masters of the Impossible."

"This animated series is a wonderful chance to lug children our essential message about finding out the world of magic all about them," Roy claims. "We likewise desire them to find the magic deep inside every one of us."

The series, which airs at 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays on the Fox Children"s Netoccupational, KVVU Channel 5, is based upon the genuine life of Siegfried & Roy as traveling magicians on a search to carry the magic ago to the mystical land also of Sarmoti. The miniseries, which was developed over 4 years, was produced by DiC Entertainment.

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"I think youngsters are really going to have actually a great time via this present," claims Mike Maliani, DiC senior vice president of advancement as well as the show"s executive producer, along with Kenneth Feld, Bernie Yumale, Andy Heyward and Robby London. "The present creates such a rich and also imagiaboriginal people, I"ve never before watched anypoint like it."

Director-producer Ron Myrick claims they turned to resources as varied as Norse mythology, sword-and-sorcery games and, of course, Siegfried & Roy"s nightly spectacle at The Mirage.

"We"ve opened the door, permitting us to borrow from other periods and locations," he claims. "Tbelow are no bounds to this civilization of Sarmoti. Each character and location has a unique, creative look that"s remained in no other display of its sort. Tbelow are no boundaries on what we deserve to create and also do."

The impetus for the series came from the vision of Siegfried & Roy themselves. The animated show mirrors their hopes for the next generation.

"Our series isn"t around superheroes through unique powers or around lasers or guns," Roy defines. "It"s around the extremely unique and also effective magic inside every one of us and also in the civilization around us."

Adds Siegfried, "Magic is inside every one of us and is incredibly powerful. Roy and I have actually been called the "Masters of the Imfeasible," however we are really masters of huguy possibility. We want youngsters to uncover the possibilities they have."

That"s exactly what Siegfried & Roy perform as they take a trip via Sarmoti, meeting emperors, evil titans, dragons and an assortment of various other mythical creatures. Siegfried"s skill at the magic of misdirection blends via Roy"s powerful capacity to communicate with animals, creating a amazing team.

As a team, Siegfried & Roy eschew weapons and violence. Instead, they succeed with their own abilities and also wits.

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Siegfried & Roy are perfect role models for Fox Children"s Network"s audience, according to the network"s president, Margaret Loesch.

"Siegfried & Roy have created an extraordinary world of fantasy and also illusion that continues to astonish and captivate audiences of all periods," Loesch claims. "With this amazing new animated miniseries, we"ve attempted to capture the magic of these remarkable performers and also lug their distinctive people of desires and also fantasies to children."