Shutdown access is denied.(5)

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I am trying to force a remote shutdvery own from my lapheight to my PC:

machine> shutdown -m \ -s -f -t 0192.168.2.10: Access denied(5)I am in a WLAN/LAN environment:

Lapheight is in WLAN via IP (DHCP), Success 7 (64 bit)PC is associated through LAN (static), Victory 7 (32 bit)Router IP

Access to COMPUTER is restricted by username and password.

What execute I have to change around the command or around the devices configurations - whilst access restrictions have to remain as is?


do you have a domain collection up? and also are you wanting to do this utilizing the credentials you are logged in with? –user359135 May 13 "13 at 16:18
You have the right to use the NET USE command also to authenticate on the remote server and then usage shutdvery own.exe

NET USE \MyServerIPC$ mypassword /USER:myuser

This does not occupational via UAC enabled, unmuch less the plan LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy is enabled on the remote server.

When a user who is a member of the regional administrators team on the tarobtain remote computer establishes a remote administrative connection by using the net usage * emotecomputerShare$ command, for example, they will not affix as a complete administrator. The user has actually no elevation potential on the remote computer system, and the user cannot perform bureaucratic jobs.

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