The 2016 game includes remade versions of some vintage levels from Doom and Doom 2, triggered by levers. Here"s how to access every one.

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Like Wolfenstein before it, Doom 2016 has a particularly lavish sort of Easter egg: timeless levels from the original Doom and Doom 2, redeveloped in the brand-new engine in all their original low-resolution-texture, low-poly glory. They"re the majority of nostalgic fun to check out, and also there are no less than 13 - one in each level of the brand-new game.

To unlock a classic level, you have to first uncover a concealed lever and also pull it. A chime will sound and a door, covert in other places in the level, will open up, bring about retro game heaven. We"ve gained the areas of both the levers and also doors below.

If you"re interested in other hidden things, our Doom keys and collectibles guide deserve to assist.

Doom - Classic level locations

Level 1: The UAC

Lever: After opening the blue gate and also dvery own the course to the left, save to the left and dvery own below you you"ll check out the optimal of a yellow cylindrical framework through a fan inside. Drop dvery own listed below it, enter the gap in the fenced-off area surrounding it and pull the lever.Door: From the lever, head best to uncover the door.

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Level 2: Reresource Operations

Lever: After restoring power and also dropping to the lower level, follow the walkmeans round until you find two large crates. Clear the location of enemies and also then climb onto the cprices, up onto the narrowhead walkmeans above (where the armour pickup is) and make your way along it until you"re close to the large display. Stand on the left handrail and jump approximately a small ledge, then climb as much as discover the lever before.Door: The trick area is straight below you, so drop ago dvery own the way you came and head under the display to uncover it.

Level 3: Foundry

Lever: From your founding place, jump the gap to your left, cross the bridge, revolve best, and head halfway along the next bridge. On the left is a square platcreate, and the lever is on the edge closest to the lava flowing dvery own.Door: From the lever before, lug on across the bridge and also the door will have opened behind the small lava circulation.

Level 4: Argent Facility

Lever: Head up the slope from the rune trial, and the lever is behind some barrels at the close to end of the platcreate to your left.Door: The door is on the right side of the room via the pentagram on the floor shortly after pulling the lever.

Level 5: Argent Energy Tower

Lever: After one of the arena fights in the tower you"ll ride some cargo drones as much as the following area. Find the one through the blue lights and also the lever is at the optimal of its journey.Door: Ride the drone back down, gain off and also wait for it to head up aobtain, and also head right into its hole to uncover the door.

Level 6: Kadingir Sanctum

Lever: In the area where you first fulfill the Barons of Hell, there"s a dark tunnel on the opposite side of the location from the departure, and also the lever is at the finish of the tunnel.Door: From the lever before, head towards the departure. Before you acquire to the door, drop off the left of the stone bridge and the classic door is underneath.Lever: After exiting the lab, killing the Cacodemon, and also jumping throughout to an top platdevelop, examine behind the cargo for the lever.Door: From the lever before, drop dvery own to the area via the pillar via a huge number 1 on it to discover the door.Lever: After lowering the cargo forcearea, make your way round to the pipe however jump onto the ledge over it. Jump across the rocks to the left and onto the pipes, then drop down to the steel platform listed below.Door: Make your method from the lever earlier to the previous gore nest area, and also the door is in the far wall.

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Lever: When you reach the circular room after activating the Helix Stone, turn right at the bottom of the stairs right into the initially candle-filled enclosure, and also the lever is in the ideal hand edge.Door: Drop right into the pit in the centre of the room.

Level 10: Titan"s Realm

Lever: After opening the yellow gate and clearing the room past, ride the weight up and also activate the skull switch. A key alcove containing the lever before will certainly have opened up to the best of wbelow you entered.Door: Pulling the lever before will certainly re-open the passage you entered through. Head up the measures, rotate ideal, and also then revolve appropriate aget at the bottom of the procedures into the following room to discover the door.

Level 11: The Necropolis

Lever: After grabbing the yellow skull, head for the alcove to the best of the teleporter to discover the lever before among the flames.Door: Double earlier, and also it"s to the ideal of the Argent Cell.

Level 12: Vega Central Processing

Lever: In the storage room in Sector P Access, behind the crates that the elite is leaning on.Door: After pulling the lever, double back, rotate right into the maintenance corridor and also follow it to the much finish.

Level 13: Argent D"Nur

Lever: Take the path opened up by the second Secret Skull Switch. The lever before is simply ahead of you after you climb up a ledge in the passagemeans.Door: The door is automatically to your right after pulling the lever.

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