It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means winter weather will soon be in full swing. Whether or not you’re in for a white Christmas, if you own farm animals you know the importance of having a warm, secure barn to give them shelter when the outdoors turns into a winter wonderland. But maintaining proper ventilation in your barn is key to ensuring the health of your animals and preventing the growth of mildew and rot. Cupolas are the perfect way to keep healthy, fresh air flowing through your barn without losing heat. Here are some pictures of cupolas on barns to give you inspiration for your barn.

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This elegant cedar barn is sporting a 60” Carlisle cupola with arched windows. Silver and gold have nothing on the beautiful combination of copper and Western red cedar in this cupola!

For long rooflines you can choose between one large cupola and two smaller cupolas. The 62’ barn above is adorned with two 36” arched louver cupolas with concave copper roofs. Topping off the cupolas is a lovely weathervane depicting a running horse, perhaps practicing to take his owner on a winter sleigh ride!

This “L” shaped barn is perfect for a configuration of three 30” Norwood cupolas. The copper roofs have standing seams, adding extra definition and character to the graceful lines. These cupolas also have small windows above the louvers, allowing natural light into the barn while providing much needed ventilation.

Our cupolas can easily be painted to match your barn, as shown here with this 42” Morton cupola. Why “make do” with a cupola when you can design a custom cupola that exactly matches your style and needs? Our cupola specialists are happy to help you design the cupola of your dreams.
This sturdy barn isn’t afraid to let it snow! With twin 30” cedar board and batten louver cupolas providing a cohesive look, this gorgeous barn is ready to weather any storm. With one phone call to the specialists at Valley Forge Cupolas, this can be the last Christmas your barn goes without a cupola.

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At Valley Forge Cupolas and Weathervanes we have everything you need to banish boring rooflines from your home, garage, and barn! In addition to our cupolas, you can decorate your home for the holidays with our beautiful cupola lanterns and weathervanes. So have yourself a merry little Christmas and call us today: 866-400-1776

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