Shockwave plugin crashing firefox


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Resolving Repeated Shockwave Flash Crashing Firefox - EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ


Hey all,

Thanks in advancement for any type of comments.

I"ve been working on a client"s computer and also I"m receiving constant crashes. Previously the logs indicated the same error however pointed in the metadata to an outdated plugin. I"ve rerelocated the plugin and also the crashes still occur ( at leastern once per day).

In the logs that little bit that pertains to me is that Sophos might be the culprit and also might be hampering or avoiding some Flash interaction from working correctly.


The adhering to actions have actually been recommended in various kb write-ups and also I have actually taken them without seeing resolution:-Updated Firefox-Unset up and also Remounted latest version of Flash-Disabled Hardware Acceleration for Flash-Disabled Hardware acceleration for Firefox-Rerelocated previous plugin (LogMeIn).

Greatly appreciated

Hey all,Thanks in breakthrough for any kind of comments. I've been working on a client's computer and also I'm receiving frequent crashes. Previously the logs suggested the exact same error however pointed in the metainformation to an outdated plugin. I've removed the plugin and also the crashes still occur ( at least when per day).In the logs that little bit that concerns me is that Sophos may be the culprit and might be hampering or preventing some Flash interactivity from working appropriately.Logs: complying with actions have been recommended in miscellaneous kb posts and also I have taken them without seeing resolution:-Updated Firefox-Unmounted and also Reinstalled latest version of Flash-Disabled Hardware Acceleration for Flash-Disabled Hardware acceleration for Firefox-Rerelocated previous plugin (LogMeIn).Greatly appreciated
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Each of the 3 reports is different:

(1) Flash is crashing

It is making use of safeguarded mode (you have the right to view the EXE entries in the crashing thread). This is not steady on all units, unfortunately. There is a new surprise setting to test with it disabled:

(A) In a brand-new tab, type or paste about:config in the attend to bar and also push Get in. Click the button promising to be cautious.

See more: How To Set Up Firefox Windows 10 Tablet Mode, Firefox Won'T Open In Tablet Mode

(B) In the search box above the list, form or paste flash and pausage while the list is filtered

(C) Double-click the dom.ipc.plugins.flash.disable-protected-mode choice to switch its value from false to true.

This might not take impact till all Flash has been unloaded for a few minutes, or you close Firefox.

Before that choice was included, the way to disable defended mode was by producing or modifying a settings file. The adhering to pages/write-ups administer different viewpoints for that if it turns out to be vital (if Flash EXE processes continue to present up in the Windows Task Manager, Processes tab, also after transforming the Firefox preference):

Flash demands to entirely unload from memory (exiting and also beginning Firefox up again might help) before this takes result.

Any improvement?

(2) D3D11-connected crash

Firefox freshly began utilizing this more recent version of DirectX. I"m not certain that"s considerable, because the crash could have happened through the older version, also.

Two of the 3 crash reports connected to this report indicates difficulties through various graphics card/chipcollection driver software. In such situations, if a driver upday is not obtainable or not advantageous, the workapproximately usually is to disable Firefox from making use of hardware acceleration.

See more: Avast Deleted My Files How To Recover, How To Recover Files Deleted By Avast Antivirus

"3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced

On the "General" mini-tab, uninspect package for "Use hardware acceleration once available"

This takes result the following time you exit Firefox and also begin it up again. Any difference?

(3) OOM = Out of Memory crash

With mechanism memory usage at 81%, Firefox supposedly faibrought about obtain the memory block it requested from Windows and died. Hopefully this is not a frequent difficulty.

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