Shockwave flash crashing windows 7

Reader Question:“Hi Wally, I am using Google Chrome and also my browser’s flash plugin keeps crashing.” - Amber A., USA

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Step 2 : Click “Start Scan” to discover Windows regisattempt concerns that can be bring about COMPUTER difficulties.

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Step 3 : Click “Repair All” to deal with all problems.

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Wally’s Answer: Google Chrome is a quick and trustworthy web browser for the most part, however sometimes it have the right to begin having shockwave flash associated difficulties. This is bereason Google Chrome makes use of an interior and also exterior installation of shockwave flash.

Once the shockwave flash plugin crashes in google chrome, it crashes in all tabs. Sometimes it happens a small also often, yet luckily we have the right to adjust all that.

What is Shockwave Flash?

Shockwave Flash is a component of Adobe Shockwave. It is a multimedia platform supplied for implementing animation and also interactivity in internet pages. It requires the use of the Shockwave Flash plug-in. You have the right to download the latest Shockwave Flash plug-in below.

Troubleshooting Shockwave Flash plugin in Google Chrome

Many browsers usage the flash plugin set up on Windows, yet Google chrome includes its very own inner installation of flash. This does not cause any type of troubles, and also normally works fairly well, but occasionally Google chrome may start to switch between its inner flash installation and also the adobe flash plug-in installed on Windows.

This is by far the many widespread factor for the crashing of the shockwave plugin on the majority of computers. This deserve to reason lag, freezes, and also finish crash of the shockwave flash plugin in all tabs.

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Determine the resource of the Problem

Start Google Chrome > open up a new tab and type about:plugins in the resolve bar.


You have to view a tab via a list of mounted plug-ins > locate Adobe Flash Player (2 files) on the list. In the upper-ideal edge of the display click the <+> Details switch to expand also.



The two plug-ins are the interior and also the plug-in installed in Windows. The one highlighted in orange is the Internal plug-in.


Click Disable on the ovariety highlighted plug-in to disable it. Its attend to need to encompass the word Users.


This must solve the problem. If this does not work then you can additionally try disabling the internal flash plugin instead by Enabling the first one and also Disabling the second one.

General Shockwave Flash Troubleshooting

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Is Your COMPUTER Healthy?

I always recommfinish to my readers to on a regular basis use a trusted regisattempt cleaner and optimizer such as WinThruster or CCleaner. Many problems that you encounter have the right to be attributed to a corrupt and also bloated registry.