Shift f10 not working windows 10

I have actually a Dell lapheight and also it does not have actually the right click menu crucial. In the preceding connect it is stated that either Shift + F10 or Ctrl + Change + F10 works as appropriate click menu essential.

The key combination of Shift + F10 used to work for me yet now it has quit working. Neither does Ctrl + Change + F10. And I can not number out why?

Can anyone provide me some pointers wright here I must be in search of this to occupational again? Can programs hijack key-combination functions? If yes then any type of way to uncover out which programs?

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If you have actually SnagIt set up, check it"s hotcrucial default, it is configured to capture Shift + F10. Change it to somepoint else to get Shift + F10 workiing typically aget.


Windows 8.1 has that essential combination built-in. Though applications do have actually their own keyboard shortcuts, which might be hijacking that combo, one more possibility is that a secondary essential, e.g. Fn, requirements to be pressed. This "multimedia feature" deserve to be permitted or disabled, check out computers or

If that does not deal with the worry, you may need to uninstall newly added programs, one at a time, until you discover the culprit, or use System Resave to get the feature back.


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Shift + F10 not functioning the exact same as the best click context food selection vital on the keyboard (At least on the Task Bar)

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