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Yeah, she was a tiny red CorvetteFast as hell, turned heads on the setPretty skin, soft voice, asking for stormy sexWhatever before Lola desires, Lola getsThis particular evening she wanted to ride JetsEven though I know shorty was bad news, I played it coolVowing to never turn sucka favor them other dudesMisanalysis signals, attachment issuesGetting method as well right into the grip of the vagina lipsGot homies trying to find relationshipsShe not tryna hear my kind of bitchShe ran a story to me over grape juice and also Ciroc sipsMarried to a physician, cuddle masterDon't fuck her, simply buy her anything, tryna satisfy herOn the low, she fucking his partnersFill the void inside her cause she weren't fucking via a riderShe don't want a guy, she simply wanna fuckShe don't want a male, she simply wanna fuckShe don't desire a male, she just wanna fuckHe tell balance the examine book, I tell her roll the weed upShe don't desire a man, she just wanna fuckHe tell her to drop his children over, I tell her pick my homies upShe don't want a male, she simply wanna fuck
From talking it out to the parking lotFrom the parking lot to my safe houseTommy Vercetti, Spitta AndrettiThis is New Jet City, most bitches ain't readyBut shorty ain't tripping, she was living alreadyMy fuck game impressive, so she come back steadyThe shit, while hefty I have the right to lug itCan't obtain as well much, I mean this is a married bitchShe roll doobies as I paddle shiftWe fuck, watch movies, finish up gaining also groovyAnd then we smash again, she talking about himHow she feel negative by feeling so good, by providing me the ass'bout how if she can, she a tell a nigga everythingTo gain it off her chest yet she don't want see him madCollecting her underwear from the rooms of my padShe got dressed and left in a flash, but she saying she be backCouple days roll byShorty calling asking if I have actually timeTo put a pair in the air, I was prefer yeahWe can fly more then a pair, there's plenty over hereShe dropped through prefer alwaysWe broke it dvery own in the hallway, she bossed her way backShe don't crawl her means, her body designer, structure CartierSay something talking hefty on her heart todayTelling her the case is wrong and also she must walk awayCausage her feelings was coming into playAffecting her residence life in all kinda waysHer male asking her what's wrongShe don't recognize what to say however she perform gained a union to saveBut she in love via the lust that we've madeShe had actually far as well a lot she could sayThat fucking me was a perfect mistake