Set time limit for disconnected sessions

By default, once a user closes the RDP/RDS session window in a terminal client (mstsc.exe, RDCMan or Remote Desktop HTML5 web client) by ssuggest clicking the cross in the top ideal edge without logging off, his session goes into disconnected mode. In this mode, all apps, open documents and also home windows are still running on a remote desktop server and also consuming sources.

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By default, a user’s RDP session in Windows may stay in the dislinked state till terminated by the user or administrator, or till the computer is restarted. It is quite convenient, because a user may any kind of time affix to his old remote desktop session and go on working through running programs or open records.

In the following screenshot you deserve to watch that the disassociated user sessions on the RDS server running Windows Server 2016 are making use of about 40% of the server RAM. Also, these sessions may block open records on your file servers, reason problems of incorrect conserving of information in the apps, roaming profile folders or on User Profile Disks.


Using the quser command also, you have the right to see when a user RDP session was started, exactly how lengthy it was idle and the existing session state.


To automatically terminate disconnected RDP/RDS sessions in a mentioned duration of time, you must collection session boundaries (timeouts) properly.

If you use an RDS server, you deserve to configure session timeout parameters in the RDS arsenal settings on the Session tab.

Specify the moment period, after which you want to kill a dislinked remote desktop session, in the End a disassociated session option (by default, a session duration is unlimited – Never). You deserve to also collection the maximum time of an active session (Active session limit) and finish an idle session (Idle session limit). These difficult timeouts are applied to all sessions in the RDS arsenal.

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You deserve to additionally collection the boundaries of an RDP session in the properties of a regional (lusrmgr.msc) or doprimary user (dsa.msc — Active Directory Users and Computers).


It is not worth to make RDP session timeouts also brief, otherwise user sessions will certainly be terminated practically appropriate after they come to be inenergetic.

In Windows Server 2012 R2/2016/2019, you deserve to set RDP session timeouts using Group Policies. You have the right to do it either in the domain GPO editor (gpmc.msc) or in the Local Group Policy Editor (gpmodify.msc) on an RDS server or client (if you are utilizing a desktop computer Windows edition as a terminal server).

The settings of RDP session timeouts are located in the adhering to GPO area Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Deskoptimal Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Session Time Limits. The following Remote Deskpeak timeout settings are available:

Set time limit for disassociated session;Set time limit for energetic but idle Remote Deskpeak Services sessions — the plan permits idle RDP sessions to be terminated that have no user input (prefer moving a computer mouse or keying something on a keyboard);Set time limit for energetic Remote Deskheight Services sessions — it is the maximum time of any RDP session (also an energetic one), after which it gets disconnected;End Session when time borders are reached — sets the moment, after which an RDP session will be terminated (logoff) rather of disconnecting it;Set time limit for logoff of RemoteApp sessions.
You deserve to discover the same RDP timeout settings in the user GPO section: User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Contents. Using the policy from the user area, you deserve to even more flexibly connumber user teams through various borders on the size of RDP sessions.


By default, these options are not configured. To automatically terminate disassociated RDP user sessions in 8 hours, enable the Set time limit for disassociated session plan and also choose 8 hours in the dropdown list.


Save the transforms and upday the Group Policy settings on your RD organize (gpupday /force). New timeout settings will certainly be used to brand-new RDP sessions just (you will have to end the current RDS sessions manually).

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You can additionally set RDP session time borders with the registry. The adhering to DWORD parameters from HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows NTTerminal Services correspond to the plans defined above:MaxDisconnectionTimeMaxIdleTimeMaxConnectionTimeMaxDisconnectionTimeRemoteAppLogoffTimeLimit

In Windows Server 2008 R2, you might also collection RDP session timeouts utilizing a special console: tsconfig.msc (RD Session Host Configuration). It was enough to open up the console and right-click RDP-Tcp -> Properties. The settings of session limits are located on the Sessions tab. However before, there is no such consingle in newer Windows Server versions (although you have the right to manually copy tsadmin.msc and also tsconfig.msc files and also usage these consoles on newer Windows Server versions as well).