Server certificate has been revoked avast

Am obtaining this eextremely time my Outlook client searcs for email" has actually blocked accessibility to %website% (IMAP) bereason the server certificate has actually been revoked"instructions online describe older versions of Mine is 19.7.3103 (build 19.7.4674.526)Please help as its annoying AF. PLEASE HELP

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Hello Doron.We're below to assist. After installing Internet Security some email clients, may display that the Email server certificate is invalid as soon as you sfinish and also get emails.The Email Shield in Internet Security uses an advanced scanning strategy for incoming and outgoing emails over SSL/TLS secured connections. Some email clients have their very own certificate stores and also might need extra configuration to stop warnings about invalid Email server certificates.Refer to instructions offered in this link on how to export the Email Shield certificate and also import it into your email client's certificate store.If you require anything else, perform not hesitate to let us recognize.
Dave Jones
many thanks that export work. but no instruction on exactly how to import making use of outlook 2016.looking here and theres not drop down for my accounts under email protection section
Dave Jones

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Sorry for the confusion, Dave. We have forwarded the request to add settings for Outlook 2016. Our developers will check and also work on it. Thank you for letting us know about it. We appreciate your initiatives. 
Dave, we will acquire back to you as soon as we obtain a reply from our senior team.Your patience is appreciated.
hello deserve to we pls have a response?its been over a month. i will go elsewhere if you proceed to overlook requests
Have shed all confidence in they are a nightmare. no response from and also inconstant performance. will currently seek alternative options to antivirus and also internet security. 

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Hello Dave. Thank you extremely a lot for your time and also patience. My name is Shawn, and also I am writing to you on behalf of’s senior assistance team. I am composing to you, as a follow-up, to your forum inquiry.From what I understand also, you were able to export the Email Shield certificate. However before you are not able to import the certificate right into your email client (Outlook 2016). Although our assistance web page,, just describes the many problematic mail clients (i.e. Mozilla Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, The Bat), the instruction is the exact same for Outlook 2016.I trust this information is helpful and advantageous. Best Regards, Shawn

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