Sending exe file through gmail

Gmail instantly blocks some file kinds that deserve to transmit viroffers, consisting of .exe. Even if you must email a legit executable file, Gmail simply won’t enable you to attach it to the email. However, if you really should sfinish an exe file via Gmail, then there are some workarounds. In this article, I’ll share 2 easy means to sfinish executable papers using Gmail.

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Method 1: Send executable documents in Gmail utilizing Google Drive

I am going to begin via the most basic option that is easy for both the sender and the receiver. The difficulty is that you’ll need to use a second service to sfinish the executable file. No issues though, we are still making use of a Google organization and also everything will be done inside the Gmail interconfront.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Compose an e-mail in Gmail and click on the “Insert papers using Drive” switch at the bottom.


2. Now move to the “Upload” section and click “Select papers from your computer” button to choose the exe file on your PC (you have the right to drag-and-drop as well).


3. Afterward, click on the “Upload” button below and also the exe file will certainly be added as a attach in the email.

4. Click on the “Send” button and also confirm the prompt. The exe file will certainly be sent through Gmail.


Whether the receiver of the exe file is a Gmail user or not, they will have the ability to see and downpack the file without any trouble.

Note: If the exe file is inside a folder, then the instructions to send it using Google Drive is a bit different. Check the second technique in my post how to sfinish a folder via Gmail to learn exactly how to carry out that.

Method 2: Change the file extension to sfinish the exe file via Gmail

I find the above method to be the easiest for both the sender and also the receiver. However before, if you don’t desire to usage it, then there is an alternate also. You have the right to fool Gmail right into reasoning that the file is not an executable file, and it will let you send it. Although, keep in mind that both sender and also receiver will have to make some tweaks on their finish to make this approach work-related.

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The below instructions are for Windows users. Similar instructions use to Mac OS X and also Linux users. All you should understand is just how to change a file’s name in your specific OS.

1. Click on the exe file on your PC and press the F2 key to rename it.

2. Now remove the exe component from the very finish and also rearea it through a various extension kind, such as txt.


3. When prompted, click on the “Yes” button and also the file expansion will be readjusted. The brand-new file name must be something favor “filename.txt”.


4. Now create an email in Gmail and also pick the renamed file as an attachment. Gmail must have actually no problem attaching it, and you have the right to safely send it.


The receiver have the right to downpack the file as an attachment and rename the file ago to exe similar to exactly how you adjusted it to txt. This will make the file executable aobtain without any errors or corruptions.

Note: If you can’t check out the file extension while renaming the file, then it could be disabled in your OS. Here’s exactly how to permit file extensions in Windows and Mac OS X.

Ending words

The first strategy need to be your go-to choice if you don’t want to create any type of confusions for the receiver of the exe file. Additionally, the initially method likewise allows you send huge files approximately 10GB. Of course, if you don’t desire to upfill a document to your Google Drive, then the second approach will sucount work for you.

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If you have any inquiries or know any other method to sfinish exe papers through Gmail, let us know in the comments below.