If this one isn"t a stvariety Three Billboards Outside Ebbings Missouri reference I"d be exceptionally surprised -- someone at Epic Games at least made the joke. There"s an additional covert crest up for grabs in Fortnite Battle Royale, and this one is an additional triangulation puzzle: we seem to be alternating between those and the treacertain maps. This week"s asks you to search in between a steel bridge, 3 billboards and a crashed bus. Feel cost-free to resolve it on your very own, yet if you want a small assist, look listed below for wright here to discover the treasure.

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The metal bridge is most likely the finest orienting point to work-related with: there are a few on the map, yet the one that we"re looking for is just east of Shifty Shafts and also Northwest of Anarchy Acres. Check out the map listed below for the precise place, additionally featuring the brand-new zoom attribute that debuted via today"s v3.4 patch:

What we"re looking for is a little hill simply north of the bridge, which you can see pretty well from parachuting: the elevation more than likely means that you"ll desire to grab this appropriate at the start of the enhance, though someone could kill you soon after. You"re searching for 3 trees arranged roughly a little, bare-ish dirt patch. Run over the dirt patch to make the cremainder appear. You deserve to check out the hill in the photo below, simply underneath the character"s elbow:

The reality that there are so many world parachuting onto this particular spot likewise renders this a good minute to pick up the obstacle from last week that asks you to execute 200 damages with a pickaxe. You probably won"t have the ability to gain it all in one go unless you"re exceptionally talented in melee, however 2 or 3 trips to the mountain must have the ability to complete the challenge handily.

Fortnite additionally observed a huge patch in the create of v3.4 today, including in Guided Missiles and also what shows up to be some comprehensive visual and also backfinish optimization. Epic also rerelocated the 30 FPS choice from the PS4 and also Xbox One versions, saying that the brand-new optimization have to make it unnecessary. And that"s good news not only for Fortnite fans yet Ungenuine Engine developers, also.

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