Seagate hard drive serial number

During a forensic examicountry, developing a timeline of events is typically a crucial facet of the analytical process; this might include establishing the made date of a difficult disk drive. In a file recovery scenario, this information might be relevant as soon as attempting to recognize donor drives for a head swap.

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Many type of difficult disks have this indevelopment directly on the label; however, older Seagate disks usage a 4 or 5 digit numeric code (called a Date Code) which relates to the day of manufacture. The label below reflects a Seagate Barracuda tough disk with a Date Code of 13395.


Seagate Hard Disk reflecting Date Code 13395


The format is simple sufficient, YYWD or YYWWD wbelow Y is the year, W is the week number and also D is the day number.

Seagate supplies a fiscal year for their calculation which starts on the first Saturday in July (week 1), through the days of the week running from Saturday (day 1) through to Friday (day 7).

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For instance, the fiscal year 2021 start on Saturday 4th July 2020 (Date Code 2111) and ends on Friday 2nd July 2021 (Date Code 21527).

Using DCode™

To make it much easier for you to decipher Seagate Date Codes, we have included decoding to our timestamp tool DCode™. With the Time Decoding tab schosen, readjust the Value Input Format to Text. In the Value message box, enter the Seagate Date Code worth. We have selected the Date Output Pattern to complement just the day, without the moment pattern. As we can check out from the image listed below, our difficult disk with the Date Code 13395 was produced on 3rd April 2013 (fiscal year 2013, week 39, day 5).


Digital Detective’s DCode™ Device Deciphering a Seagate Date Code

Additional Information


Our FREE DCode™ application can be downloaded below. DCode™ is qualified of converting a huge number of encoded timestamps right into human-readable date/time worths.

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Download DCode™
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Binary-Coded Decimal is a mechanism for encoding decimal numbers as a series of bits; we study just how they are used in BCD and also GSM timestamps. #DFIR #MobileForensics…

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Get the made day of older Seagate difficult disks by utilizing DCode™ to decipher the Date Code. #DFIR #DigitalForensics…

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About 10 months earlier from Digital Detective"s Twitter using Twitter Internet App

About 10 months earlier from Digital Detective"s Twitter by means of Twitter Net App

We are pleased to announce the release of DCode™ v5, our totally free timestamp conversion utility. Now via 60 various timestamp conversions and date/time encoding. #DigitalForensicAnalysis…