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Hi friends, right here in this article we are presenting an remarkable trick to rise sd card memory size approximately 16Gb. This approach works same for pen drive & memory card. That suggests you ca rise sd card dimension and Pen drive/USB drive size easily and no need to buy new sd card or pen drive to save more our previous short article you deserve to watch just how to boost inner storage in android phone by swapping your sd card.however currently this particular day we will talk around how to double sd card size with sinformation software application.

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If you are looking to increase sd card memory size then you deserve to expand memory dimension of any type of pen drive or sd card by making use of “SDATA Software”.

What You Can Do?

You ca rise size of any type of SD card/ memory card.You can increase dimension of any Pen Drive.No must install SDATA Software.You ca boost Size from 2GB to 16GB.

For Example: if you are using 2GB memory card then you ca rise it 2GB to 4GB,4GB to 8GB,8GB to 16GB. that implies you have the right to convert 2GB card into 16GB by using “SDATA Software”.

Keep In Mind

Download SDATA Software from the listed below attach only.

Your Sd card or Pen Drive have to be Formatted prior to using the trick.

You may brick your card or pen drive. So do it on your own threat.

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Don’t attempt to rise dimension even more than 16GB.

After using the trick, file transferring rate might be sluggish.
Ok,now follow all the instructions one by one to rise sd card memory size and also expand the size of your pen drive or memory card by making use of SDATA Software.

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100 % – How To Increase Sd Card Memory Size Up To 16 GB < 4gb to 8gb to 16gb >
Increase Sd Card Memory Size Up To 16Gb

Here we are using our 4GB memory card yet you can start it from your 2GB card. Process is same to double your sd card memory dimension.

Step 01 Pre-requirements

Downfill “SDATA Software” and place it on your pc.Now format your sd card prior to applying the trick.Don’t use your android deserve to use Card reader to connect your sd card through pc.

Step 02

Make certain your sd card is properly formatted.Now affix your sd card with pc through card reader.After formatting it currently Keep in mind dvery own the SD card drive name.

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Now open “SDATA Tool” folder and RUN the software.Now a window will be open in front of you. Just select the sd card drive as presented in listed below screenswarm.



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