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Microsoft disabled altering the regional admin account of computers by means of GPO because of a defense vulnercapability. This connect goes right into even more information regarding this issue: MS14-025-Vulnerability

If you desire to change passwords remotely on your atmospheres computer systems, the following manuscript have the right to be provided.

Before running, you’ll desire to geneprice a message file of the makers you are targeting through the manuscript. One great point about this script is the password typed in the PowerShell window is encrypted and not passed with plain text to the targeted machines.

A few things to note:

You have the right to play through the -count number if the manuscript stops working because of slow networkYou can add in multiple accounts by adding them to $Computer/YourAdminAccountName, YourSecondAccount, YourThird

$computers = Get-Content -route "C:computers.txt"$password = Read-Host -prompt "Get in brand-new password for user" -assecurestring$decodedpassword = ::PtrToStringAuto(::SecureStringToBSTR($password))foreach ($Computer in $Computers) $Computer = $Computer.toupper()$Isdigital = "OFFLINE"$Status = "SUCCESS"$StatsError ="Failed"if((Test-Connection -ComputerName $Computer -count 1 -ErrorAction 0)) $Isonline = "ONLINE" else $StatsError= "`t$Computer is OFFLINE" attempt $account = ("WinNT://$Computer/YourAdminAccountName")$account.psbase.invoke("setpassword",$decodedpassword)$StatsError="Administrator Password readjusted successfully"catch $status = "FAILED"$StatsError="$_"$obj = New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property
ComputerName = $ComputerIsOnline = $IsonlinePasswordChangeStatus = $StatusDetailedStatus=$StatsError$obj

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GopiMay 16, 2019Reply


i desire powershell script to adjust remoter servers regional user wit distinctive password from csv file. csv file call listed below details .serverip ,accountname, password

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