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I discovered a Ken Burns Slideshow application in sourcecreate I really favor. To readjust settings, an .xml file is produced the first time it is run if the .xml file is not located in the same brochure. I readjusted the .exe extension to .scr, copied it to c:windowssystem32 and replicated the config.xml file to the same magazine. When I adjust the windows display saver to usage it, it does not find that config.xml and also I am unable to save settings changes. Is it feasible to use a screensaver file if it requires the use of another file?


A screensaver, as through any Windows executable have the right to store their config "anywhere" in any type of format they so pick (including the registry).

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If the program is composed to only store settings in a config.xml file in the "same" brochure then that is what it will certainly "try" to do. However before, when run as a screensaver from C:WindowsSystem32, it may not have the ability to recognize the "correct" CWD or may not have permission to write tbelow.

However, you can not necessarily rotate a traditional executable into a screensaver simply by altering its file expansion. A screensaver is specifically written to respond to particular command line debates in order to create the screensaver, config and ptestimonial home windows. And to terminate on user interactivity.


Mine are conserved in c:windowssystem32. They are not stored in Program Data or Users. I did not examine the registry however the file storage is as over.

Screen Saver setting are in Lock Screen.

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Open Settings. Click on Personalization. Click on Lock display. Click the Screen saver settings connect. Under "Display saver," usage the drop-dvery own menu, and pick the display screen saver you desire to usage.

Use this tutorial to assist you.

When you use the Browse function in Lock Screen, it defaults to Documents Picture yet you deserve to browse to c:windowssystem32


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