Screen lock none option not available

I am making use of a pattern to unlock my phone. I desire to remove it, or select none so I don’t have actually it locked, yet it’s currently permitting me. I’ve done this many times in the past yet currently, the “None” selection under Choose Display Lock is extinguished. It doesn’t offer me the “None” option. Next off to None, it says, "Disabled by administrator, encryption plan. or credential storage. Not sure what all that implies.

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Do you have an exchange email account on the phone? Or, more newly, Google’s new Trusted Contacts? Tright here are specific apps that need a display lock. I’m not sure of any quick method to uncover which app or account it is, so I would simply comb with my apps set up and look right into any type of that stand out to me, yet probably someone else on below has actually a neat trick they would share.

I think Android Pay is one of these and also a number of exreadjust type application will certainly additionally execute this (the one my work-related supplies which I refusage to install as they also desire to be able to remote wipe the phone) likewise if phone is encrypted one requirements a lock

If it an app that has actually ‘Administrator’ powers you should have the ability to find/disable via the Settings/Security/Device administrator screenHave you encrypted your phone … that will disenable bypassing defense

Thanks jben,

Android Device Manager was checked under Device Administrator. I unchecked, rebooted, but it still won’t enable me to rerelocate the pattern lock.

I haven’t encrypted the phone.

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I invested a couple of cycles trying to make my G3 ‘fail’ same way … yet no success. To rule out somepoint that an downloaded application may be the root cause you may desire to boot right into Safe Mode and also check out if that does anything


Well we recognize the majority of things that aren’t the trouble …so my last 2 guesses

Tright here have actually been other attributes that gain locked … perhaps if you change from Pattern to Pin … then let it lock and inspect to check out if the None is now there?Clearing the Cache (the system cache)Wait for someone else to chime in

I tried the first idea. No luck. Clearing the Cache isn’t as basic. I’m all set to speak to it quits for the day. Maybe I’ll open up a ticket within the next few days. Thanks for all the suggestions! We tried!


I had the exact same issue. I somejust how messed about with the settings and that is why this occurred to me anyway.The solution was this : I visited settings. Click on basic. Click on customers. Select the guest user. After the tablet switched over to the guest user it provided me the choice to delete the guest user account. I did. NOTE, this have the right to not be undone, at least that’s what it shelp.After i deleted the guest user account i was able to go back to the settings display screen and the NONE choice was then accessible aobtain for me to use.Hope this helps you. It worked for me and also i tried every little thing including clearing the credentials indevelopment.

I have an Alcatel A30 and also it is my knowledge the only way to remove lock display screen or adjust it to None from the A30 is to carry out a difficult reset on the phone and go with setup aget this time choose none went prompted.

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