Scheduled scan

By default, your Trfinish Micro Security software application is always percreating a shave the right to every day.

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The complying with are the forms of Scheduled Scans:

Smart Schedule - Scheduled Shave the right to will automatically start at an correct time based upon your recent computer consumption.Set a certain schedule- Scheduled Sdeserve to have the right to be configured to run eexceptionally day, when a week, or when a month depending on your preference. You can likewise pick the form of scan:Quick scan - Checks operating mechanism papers and other essential areas wright here malicious software program tends to hide. It pays careful attention to programs that have actually characteristics linked through known threats, prefer the capacity to launch automatically. This shave the right to primarily finishes reasonably easily, specifically if you have actually an effective computer system.Full scan - Checks all records in all folders on all drives connected directly to your computer, apart from netoccupational drives. Although it takes longer, this sdeserve to is extremely thoturbulent.

The Trend Micro Security software program will certainly run a Fast Sdeserve to by default if you execute not make an option.

When scheduling a scan, select a time when you would certainly probably have the computer system switched on, however not in usage. Friday at noon could be convenient, for example.

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Configure Scheduled Scans

Open the major consingle of your Trend Micro Security software:Double-click the Trend Micro
icon on your desktop.Double-click the Trend Micro
symbol on your device tray.Click on the Device tab.


Click on Configure.


Click on Security & Tuneup Controls, then click on Scheduled Scans.


Select the kind of schedule.Click Apply, then click OK.

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Your computer should be turned on on the booked day and also time for the scan for the booked shave the right to to run.Scheduled Scan may not run when the computer is on screensaver mode.If you perform not want your computer system to be scanned every day, change the schedule from Eincredibly Day to your preferred day and also time.