Saved password editor

If you are working with the default password manager in the Firefox internet browser you may have actually noticed that it does not market choices to modify the login information directly. All it have the right to perform is to display the site, username and password in a password listing. The option is available under Tools > Options > Security > Saved Passwords.

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Tbelow are at leastern 2 scenarios where the password manager becomes impracticable to use. Some websites disable password conserving in the browser which implies that the site profile is incomplete, and also given that tbelow is no option to include the password manually after that Firefox cannot provide its complete usability on the site.

It might also occur that webwebsite login indevelopment adjust and also that the internet browser does not pick them up instantly. It is aacquire not feasible to edit the information to correct the issue.

Saved Password Editor for Firefox adds options to edit login information in the Firefox web web browser. It boosts the password manager by including options to modify all login information, create new login prorecords and also to clone a profile.

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The options are included to the conserved passwords manager. The indevelopment presented have been extended also so that not just the webwebsite, username and also password are displayed however additionally login related indevelopment.


The add-on supports internet develop, HTTP authentication and misc logins which market various editing and enhancing choices. Internet creates for circumstances record the submit presettle, username and also password field name in addition to the organize, username and also password. These information are necessary to submit the login indevelopment to the server. Firefox usually fills them out immediately once the password is conserved though, and also the guess from existing web page switch deserve to be offered to retrieve the values from the page too which is useful when new login prodocuments are developed.

All parameters have the right to be edited in the password editor which suggests that it is feasible to include a password if it was blocked by the website in the time of creation.

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Saved Password Editor is a handy tool for Firefox - and Thunderbird users by the means - that carry out not use a third party password manager choose Last Pass for their password administration.

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