Week 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2, Seakid 1 has arrived, bringing with it the ‘Trick Shot’ mission. Breaking the last 2 weeks of monotony, this week’s mission brings through it some even more amazing difficulties aobtain.

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This article is going to tackle the ‘Save yourself from fall damage by landing in a hideout’ challenge. This is the 9th obstacle in the mission requiring you have completed 6 obstacles in the mission prior to accessing this one. However before, prior to obtaining to the obstacle itself, we’ll easily go over hideouts aobtain for those brand-new to the Chapter 2 changes.

Hideouts are, in a sense, ‘efficient bushes’. Older players might remember the Legendary bush item that you equipped, which hilariously made you less complicated to spot (unmuch less you weren’t moving), or the old bushes you’d crouch in perfectly still and also spring an ambush on someone not looking very closely. That is basically what a Hideout is.

For a Hideout to weave its magic, you must walk within cshed proximity of one and hit your ‘use’ (interact) key. Once pressed, your character will dive into the hideout and become entirely surprise and also untargetable by foe gunfire (execute note the hideout itself still has actually health). This sets you up for an ambush as you deserve to leave the hideout by hitting your ‘use’ essential again, letting you gain the drop on an oblivious adversary. Just be conscious, leaving the hideout leaves you temporarily delicate as you’re unable to accessibility your weapons throughout the leaving computer animation.

Tright here are 2 formats of hideout; the hay bale and also the dumpster.

Hay Bale Hideout


Hay bales have the right to be uncovered virtually solely in Frenzy Farm which occupies E3, E4 and also F3 and also F4 on the primary map’s grid. For this set-up, all you must carry out is develop a structure 4 ramps high (enough for autumn damage) in front of a hay bale so as soon as you look over the edge of the ramp, you deserve to see the bale. After that, jump and also mash your connect button as you fall, voila, finito.

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Regardless of which strategy you choose, both are equally viable, just don’t forget to mash your communicate switch as you fall, so you jump into it prior to taking the fall damage.