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Per guidance from Governor of the State of The golden state, the Roads and Airports Department offices will certainly remain closed to the public until additionally notification. We are open for organization providing restricted solutions. Services contact information are noted listed below. 


Roadway Closures

Service Requests

County Lighting Service Area (CLSA)

Road Publication


Airport Operations

Real-Time Congestion Map

Record Drawings Search

GIS Record Drawings Map

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Roads and Airports Department is to preserve, operate, and also improve the County"s expressmeans, unincluded roads, and two basic aviation airports in a safe, timely and cost-efficient manner to fulfill the demands of the traveling public.

The County"s Roads Administration operates and also maintains 62 miles of exprespersuade and 635 miles of rural and metropolitan roadways in unintegrated locations, including 23 miles of sound walls, 168 bridges, 39 miles of carpool lanes, 164 signalized intersections, 4,500 street lights, 25,000 regulatory signs, and also 2,185 drainpipe inlets.


Santa Clara County Record Drawings Search and GIS Map - Locate and check out completed County capital development tasks on a map, and access the projects" Record Drawings. 

The Roads and Airports Administration office is closed to the public until additionally notice, however we execute have actually staff obtainable to answer phone calls on a limited basis.

The Roads and Airports Roadway and also Signal Division Offices at Schallenberger, Doyle, Mt. Hamilton and also Murphy will be closed to the public until further alert.

Engineering, Maintenance, Traffic Signal Services will certainly continue to be offered, yet it may be on a restricted basis. Phone company and also deliveries are obtainable Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pmIf you have actually an emergency, please speak to 911

The Reid-Hillcheck out Airport and also San Martin Airport offices are closed to the public yet the airports are open up and also operational. Phone business is obtainable on a minimal basis 408-918-7700 or you can e-mail

Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) Push Button with Touch-Free Activation Feature Project​