Sandisk sd card missing

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I"ve been getting these messeras intermittently for a few months yet they always went ameans so I didn"t concern about it. At one point I took it into my provider"s shop (Boost) to have them take a look at it. Predictably they sassist I essential a brand-new phone. They did take it out and look at it, but they sassist that my phone was swarm. But lately it hasn"t been going ameans so I decided to buy a new micro SD chip. It is a Sandisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 A1 for faster mobile application performanceI have formatted it both ways and it appears to formst simply fine, yet when I reboot it is not recognizedWhat have to I carry out next? Thanks, Jim.P.S. the phone is a Moto g(7) Play

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When you go to Settings; Storage I was seeing 3 forms of memory Internal and also 2 SD Cards. The trouble was that the second SD card was choose a phantom. I simply had to delete it and also "Forget" it and the trouble went away

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