Samsung j7 otg

Sir in my samsung tool otg and also adb or itger connections works correctly before some time however currently it didn"t functions it shows me charging as soon as i connect it with the computer system & otg likewise not functioning Charging works perfectly my frifinish indicate me that most likely my charging port is fine yet 2 wires of otg in jack is malfunctioned or gone negative So it is feasible that jack works charging perfectly yet 2 wires of information carry goes wrong it is possible????


This is Ramakrishna and I"m using Samsung J7, previously my tool connects OTG instantly without any kind of doing any type of settings however it currently doesn"t work-related or nopoint to display any kind of Connection while connect the OTG.

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Please advice me, how to connect it or Which settings shall i do .

Please assist me.

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Me as well my friend I watched 2 movies while my OTG attach after that i"ll pause the movie and also i"ll go pee and i"ll go earlier and play it aget my phone claims "Data not Found" and my phone can"t review my OTG anymore

I have actually a Samsung Galaxy grand also prime and I have this also. I connected my otg to one more tool and also it works on the other tool.

At initially my otg was functioning properly however then it stooped working then i tried all the posible things that i cloud execute but its not working now

I have a J7 pro 2017 and i bought a pen drive and its not getting here on the phone i attempt every little thing possible even reestablishing the phone an still having actually the very same trouble. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated…



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On the finish that connects to the phone (left side of picture) pins 4 & 5 are joined together in the connector. If the wire has actually broken in between the two pins or tright here is a trouble with pin 4 (broken off or bent etc.) then the phone will certainly still charge if pin 5 and also 1 are still linked OK.

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Use a magnifying glass and also a strong light to inspect that all the pins in the connector that plugs right into the phone are all there and also that they are all directly and also parallel with each other. Also examine that the cable connector enclosure (wbelow the pins are) is clean and that tbelow is no lint or dust trapped which might stop a appropriate link (additionally check the phone"s port enclosure). If tright here is lint or dust DO NOT use a steel pin or probe to clean it out, attempt using a vacuum cleaner first. If this fails to rerelocate the debris, then attempt a wooden toothpick to extremely gently (stress and anxiety gently) clean the port.