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One of the the majority of widespread questions of many type of individuals of the Samsung Galaxy J7 and J7 Prime is that exactly how to adjust lock display clock on Galaxy J7.

If you are among them who is in search of a solution to this question as well, then this is the write-up for you.

Due to the fact that we are going to show you just how to carry out it in a step by action manner through extra screenshots. As an outcome, also if you are a beginner, you can follow the tutorial from first to last.

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So, if you are prepared, let’s begin…

How to Change the Lock Screen Clock on Samsung Galaxy J7?

Before we begin the tutorial, we should tell you that depending on the version of Android OS on your Samsung Galaxy J7, the process might differ slightly.

However, if you have updated your phone to the latest version of Android, then it will be virtually similar on your phone too. Nevertheless, the approach is incredibly intuitive, so we think that you have the right to conveniently follow along.

For your convenience, you will discover a step byaction overview on how you have the right to change the clock kind on the lock display screen of your SamsungGalaxy J7 and also J7 Prime in the adhering to area. So here we go…

Steps to Follow:

Go to the ‘Settings’ menu on your Samsung Galaxy J7 or J7 PrimeNow, scroll dvery own and also tap on the ‘Lock Screen’ option from there

On the next page, you will need to tap on the ‘Clock Style’ option which will be under the ‘Clock and Information’ section

Next off, you will find a variety of clock formats to pick from. So, choose the one you prefer the most from the options at the bottom

You deserve to additionally customize the shade of the clock by tapping on the ‘Color’ option from the bottom of the screen

In doing so, a new popup home window will certainly appear with a shade palette. You have the right to pick the favorite color of yours from there. After you have liked the color, tap on the ‘Done’ button from the bottom ideal corner of the screen

Now, you will certainly have the ability to view the pevaluation of the clock style on that page. If you don’t choose it, you deserve to customize it againAnd, once you are happy with it, simply tap on the ‘Done’ switch from the top-best corner of the screen

From now on, if you lock your Samsung Galaxy J7,you will see the recently schosen clock style.

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Additional Lock Display Setups on Samsung Galaxy J7:

So, you have learned just how to change the lock display clock on your Galaxy J7 over. But, if you go ago to the ‘Settings>Lock screen’ option, you will uncover many other alternatives like display screen lock type, roaming clock, challenge widgets, and so on there.

These choices deserve to likewise come in usage if you desire to personalize the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy J7. Here is a quick rundvery own of those extra choices.

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Screen Lock Type: Here, you can choose between many kind of options regarding the lock display form. For circumstances, you can use the ‘Swipe’ alternative if you want to unlock your phone by swiping on the display screen. Additionally, you have the right to likewise choose ‘Pin’, ‘Password’, or ‘Pattern’ lock from here as well.
Smart Lock: If you want to unlock your phone utilizing your smart wireless tools like Smart Watch or something, then you need to usage this optionClock Style: We have currently talked about this. You can adjust the kind and also shade of the clock on the lock display of your Galaxy J7 with this optionRoaming Clock: It will display the existing time areas of the area while traveling FaceWidgets: You have the right to include many type of even more informational widgets on the lock screen from this menu
Contact Information: If you desire to add your name or emergency call indevelopment on the lock display screen, you can use this alternative. This choice is extremely important. You should always add an emergency contact information on your lock display screen. So, if, unfortunately, you are in an emergency case, other world deserve to access and call information from the lock display screen of your phone without unlocking the phone. From that, they deserve to contact to that number on befifty percent of youNotifications: If you want to gain notifications on your lock display screen, you can turn it on or off hereApp Shortcuts: You can add a couple of app shortcuts on the lock screen to access those apps easily and also directly from the lock display screen. Some of the necessary apps you can save there are ‘Phone’, ‘Camera’, ‘Messages’, and so on.

Concluding Thoughts:

In this post, we have actually gone with the procedure of how to change the clock on the lock screen of Samsung Galaxy J7 and J7 Prime.

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We have actually tried to share the tutorial in a step by step technique so that it deserve to be simple to grasp for our readers.

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At the exact same time, we have also included some in-depth information about all the options and also settings you deserve to customize from under the ‘Lock Screen’ settings menu of your Samsung Galaxy J7 series smartphone.

If you have liked our write-up, you deserve to read this article on facts about Mathematics.

We hope you will have the ability to readjust the lock display of your Galaxy J7by complying with the above directions. Still, if you are dealing with concerns while tryingit, you can constantly leave a comment in the comment area dvery own below!