Samsung j3 touchwiz home has stopped

If TouchWiz, the tradition interface for Samsung flagship gadgets, crashes, you might obtain unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy S5. The error message might occur bereason of some third-party apps or if the firmware itself hangs for any factor.

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Possible fixes for “unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy

Method 1


“Unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped” Error On Samsung

To settle this difficulty, the initial point you have to do is soft reset and also the next thing is booting your Galaxy S5 to Safe mode. If the “unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy S5 pops up for the initially time, it could be a glitch in the TouchWiz mechanism or in the firmware. A easy soft recollection might fix this problem. To do that:

Remove the battery from your Galaxy S5 as soon as the phone is on.Press the Power switch for minimum of 30 secs.Put the battery in the phone and place the back cover.Turn your phone on.

The objective of soft recollection is to refresh your phone’s memory by draining the capacitors’ stored power.

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If the soft reset does not fix the difficulty, then you will have to boot your phone to Safe mode to view if a third-party app is bring about this problem. Booting your Galaxy S5 to Safe mode will certainly disable the third-party apps temporarily. If you view that the “unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped” error still persists in Safe mode, then the worry is caused by the core solutions or among the pre-mounted apps.

Method 2

You can readjust the Animation scale from the developer alternative and check out if the problem is resolved. To perform that, head to Setups > Developer alternative > Window Animation range and also then pick 5x to 5x. You have the right to select any scale of your option. You can additionally try to change the animator duration scale or Transition computer animation scale.


Method 3

Try to dismiss the error message and open up Settings. If you can reach Settings, go to Home display mode > select Easy mode> Apply. It will certainly refresh the display. But if the problem still persists, then go to Application Manager > tap TouchWiz which you will find under the All tab. Clear its data and cache to carry it earlier to its default settings.

However before, if the difficulty still proceeds, then there is nopoint to do other than wiping the cache partition and performing a factory recollection.

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Steps to wipe cache partition:

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy phone.Now push the Power switch, Home switch, and also Volume Up switch concurrently and keep holding.Release the butlots when the Samsung logo design via the composed “Recovery booting” shows up at the optimal of the display screen.You are currently at the android system recoincredibly display.Select Wipe Cache Partition using the Volume down switch and then usage the Power switch to confirm your action.A alert created in yellow will certainly be presented to you that claims the system cache has actually been rerelocated.Now select Reboot System Now utilizing Volume secrets and also hit the Power button to confirm.Your Galaxy handcollection will certainly reboot now.

Steps to perdevelop a manufacturing facility reset:

Before perdeveloping a manufacturing facility reset, carry out not forobtain to backup your essential information as this procedure deletes all data. Tright here are several ways to create a backup of your phone. Follow the listed below procedures to produce a backup initially.

One of the finest options is to exploit Samsung’s very very own Kies software that we typically use to upday the software program of our Galaxy tools.The second means to develop a backup of the gadget is with a Google account. Head towards Settings> General> Backup & Reset and it will administer two alternatives called as backup my data and automatic restores. Ensure those options are made by ticking the checkbox beside them and also it will backup details like Wi-Fi password, application information, Google settings, and also bookmarks immediately to the Google server so that they can be retrieved aacquire in situation anypoint wrong happens via the tool.


Another valuable and also most basic way to produce a backup is making use of a Samsung account. For that go to application> settings> User and also backup> Account and examine if you are signed in via your Samsung account. If the alternative is made on, it will sync the contacts, calendar, and also internet settings to the Samsung account.

Once you are done with the backup project, following go ahead via the factory recollection process, right here is how to perform it in your Galaxy S5.

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Turn off your tool initially.Next, host down the Home, Power, and also Volume Up butloads altogether for few secs till the Android logo design appears on the screen.Release the butlots then. Use the Volume dvery own button for highlighting any choices and the Power essential to confirm. So, highlight the manufacturing facility recollection option and confirm it making use of the power button.Next off, pick ‘delete all user data’ and confirm it.Wait for few seconds to check out the ‘reboot mechanism now’ choice and also choose it. The phone will be restarted then and also you must set it up from scrape aget.