Samsung grand prime hard reset code

This write-up will give collection of instructions around performing hard/soft/remote reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) . Read this post and select one technique and also recollection your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) . (all these approaches were tested by us.)

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) is among renowned phone In Samsung Galaxy series. But Some times this phone may give errors. Then we have to resolve them. In that situation Hard and also Soft Recollection give us best possibility work out the trouble.

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Normal Factory Reset – It will delete or erase all points yet not choose a hard recollection. If your phone is slow, heating, then usage this.Hard Factory Reset – It will delete all points in your phone permanently. If you can’t pass boot or want to “Force reset” then you have the right to use this. Video Guide – belowReset Remotely  – If your phone has actually stolen then this is the bestRecollection phone from COMPUTER – You deserve to recollection your phone from your PC or Lapheight. Flash Stock Rom -This is the many development technique. We can deal with mechanism errors too. In this, we install mechanism software program aobtain onto your phone.

Note – How to get backup in Samsung Galaxy Grand also Prime (SM-G532F)

We have actually a option to obtain full backup in your phone and you can get Contacts,Calendar, SMS, Call logs, Photos, Videos, Music, Browser Bookmarks,Album, Audios, Apps information,WiFi passwords,and also apps establishing. to Backup – Click Here

How to Recollection Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) Normally

Step 1,

Take your Samsung Galaxy Grand also Prime (SM-G532F) phone and also go to food selection and also then go to establishing.


If you examine that, it will certainly save the WIFI password and your apps data.If you want backup, then you must authorize to google account before doing this.Automatically gain back the WIFI password and various other all apps information and settings.

Tip 2,

Tap the “Reset” and also it will certainly begin performing recollection. After restart you can use your Device.


Hard Reset/Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F)

Tip 1,

Note – We recommend you to get complete ago up.

Take your phone and switch off it by pressing power key – please wait until vibrate or RingNow push the Power switch + Volume Up switch + home at the very same time till android logo or Samsung logo design shows up.


Tip 2,

After pressing that, you should have actually below recovery screen and you can access the phone’s boot food selection. If not, see the bottom of the post.

Power key = enterVolume Up = go UpVolume Down = Go Down

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Step 3,

Go down and also Tap “Wipe data/manufacturing facility reset” by clicking power vital.Go down and also select YES–delete all user data” by taping power key.


After pressing “YES–delete all user data” your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) will begin perdeveloping reset. So, Don’t rerelocate phone battery throughout this job.You will have to collection day and also time, language and sign into your google account after the reset.

Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) remotely

You deserve to check out tbelow is options Box. Click “ Erase” in the Box.Click the “Erase” and also confirm it. It will begin to recollection the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) phone.


As well, you are able to usage Android device manage for,

> To give a ring to your phone. Then, phone will start Ring phone’s complete Sound> To lock the phone if it is NOT locked yet.> To adjust the lock display of Samsung phone.

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Recollection Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) – Video

We cover all the sides of doing reset to Samsung phone. But If you feel any fear to reset your phone then you have the right to watch video about “Factory recollection – Tip by step” 

Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand also Prime (SM-G532F) from pc (advance)

SDK – Android Software Development Kit. In this toolkit, you deserve to recollection your phone finely by making use of information cable. you need to follow easy measures. Go to this link and also Downfill SDK and also form “adb shell” and also kind other codes to reset. 

Alternative softwares – In this choice, you are able to execute a manufacturing facility recollection your Samsung Galaxy Grand also Prime (SM-G532F) by utilizing your lappeak or your computer (Recommended)

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand also Prime (SM-G532F) entire phone (advance)

In above three approaches, we only execute reset yet in this, we are going replace whole android mechanism. If you buy a Samsung android phone, then it has a Stock ROM. Stock ROM is Original ROM and also Official Rom that a phone has actually. So, installing Stock ROM does not protect against your warranty. We uncovered dedicated articles around flashing Stock Roms on “Gogorapid”. Go to that website and Flash a new Rom to your phone.


Frequently asked questions and also answers

Recover File after Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F)

Hi,but i reset my phone effectively however i forgained obtain back up prior to reset.. I want to understand, Can i obtain my information now? whatapplication messeras,viber?

Yes, you have the right to gain some of the data.. but I can’t say that you can gain all the data. attempt this.

Remove Pattern Lock, phone password 

Lot of people enduring this difficulty they don’t know just how to delete Pattern Lock from their phones. If you usage any type of third party application to collection Pattern Lock then Uninstall it initially. If you does not use any type of application then you might have actually been set it with the phone establishing. Try to find it and also rerelocate.. If you can’t find then your final solution is “Hard reset”. This procedure will certainly be perdeveloped after switching off the phone.

E:failed to mount Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F)


After i recollection, error message came out?

E:fairesulted in mount /data (Invalid argument)E:failed to mount / cache (Invalid argument)E:can’t mount ‘/data’ (Invalid argument)E:fairesulted in mount /data (Invalid argument)E:Can’t mount /data/log/recovery_log.txt

Your phone Rom may be damaged currently, So, I think that you have to install Stock Rom again. Your phone’s warranty won’t be void. Stock Rom is default and also official Rom. – Stock Rom.

After resetting, Autoboot or bootloop or auto restart

First, rerelocate your phone battery. and wait for 5 min. Then put and push power +Voume Up + residence together and choose factory reset.

If it Auto boot or auto rebegin – might be Power switch is defective and is always depressed. May be your phone case is pushing on it. So, rerelocate that case for bit. After try to go recoincredibly mood.

If is does not job-related then install Stock Rom

After manufacturing facility recollection my phone can’t attach to internet

Q : I percreated recollection my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) phone. Now i can’t attach to internet and the sim card was not recognized. There is a error code too “E:faibrought about mount /preload”

A : Contact your Network-related severs provider (SIM). If tbelow is no any kind of error msg then you must ask Internet settings for your phone.

A : Reset your smartphone aacquire. If it is failed or go wrong aacquire, then attempt flash a brand-new stock Rom. Your phone’s warranty won’t be void. Due to the fact that Stock Rom is official Rom. – Stock Rom.

dm-verity confirmation failed

Your Rom might be damaged, So currently You have to install your Stock Rom aobtain. Your phone’s warranty won’t be void.Stock Rom is default and main Rom. – Stock Rom.

stuck at Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G532F) Logo Screen

Your phone might be damaged. So ,I think that you have actually to install Stock Rom again. Your phone’s warranty won’t be void. Since Stock Rom is default and also official Rom. – Stock Rom.

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Fix – phone that claims “NO COMMAND” in recovery mode

Phone’s recovery might be damaged. So ,I think that You have actually to install Stock Recoextremely again. Your phone’s warranty won’t be void. Since Stock is default and main. – Stock Recoincredibly.