Samsung galaxy s7 slow charging


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February 22, 2016


The Samsung Galaxy S7 and also Galaxy S7 Edge are great smartphones, however tbelow have actually been some reports of a slow charging problem on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. If your Samsung Galaxy is charging slowly, they’re numerous various ways to fix this problem. The first thing that is recommended would beto check if the USB cable is functioning appropriately. If this is an issue, you deserve to purchase a new Samsung Charging Cable But if you have actually tested it out with a different USB cable and also the Galaxy S7 charging problem is still an worry, there are a couple of methods to manually deal with this issue. The complying with are a few various methods to solve the sluggish charging trouble on Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Master Reset

Before doing a Master Reset, it’s a good idea to back up all the information of the gadget in situation something gets deleted in the time of this process. Competing a Master Reset deserve to deletedata from thephone’s inner storage such as imeras, content, apps etc.

Go to “Settings”Select on “Accounts”Choose “Back Up and also Reset”Then select “Reset device” (If the display is locked, enter the password and pick “Continue”)Select “Delete all”

You deserve to additionally watch the YouTube video below on just how to factory recollection the Galaxy S7 and also Galaxy S7 Edge:

Close Background Applications

A common reason that Samsung Galaxy S7 sluggish charging trouble happens isbereason of the apps that keep running on the background. The adhering to willclose apps running in the background:

Hold the “Home” button and also release it as soon as you see the newly offered apps screenOn the task manager section, select “End all applications”At the optimal of the display screen is a “RAM”alternative, pick it and clear memory

These measures will certainly cshed all the apps that are running in the background when the phone is charging and also this is why it is slowing down the charging process.

Uninstall Third Party Apps

If namong the over methods have operated, the reason that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is charging progressively can be bereason of a software application bug. The best solution would certainly be touninstall all 3rd party software application to check out if the charging concern is fixed on the Galaxy S7.

To uninstall 3rd party apps, the Galaxy S7requirements to go right into “Safe Setting.” Then you deserve to uninstall 3rd party apps that may be producing theslow-moving charging trouble on Samsung Galaxy S7. To rotate on the safe mode turn off your phone, then organize the power vital. When you watch “Samsung Galaxy S7” on the screen, release the power essential and organize the volume down key.

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Keep on holding the essential until the phone restarts. Once the messages”safe mode” appears at the bottom of the display screen and also release the secrets.

From there, 3rd party apps have the right to be uninstalledby going toMenu> Settings> More> Application manager, Downloaded> selectthe preferred application, then selectuninstall> Ok.Then turn off safe mode by pushing and holding the power key> restart> Ok.

System Dump

When completing a mechanism mode dump, it will debug thepanel and enable for the execution of different attributes. There are also beneficial features tooffer aincrease to your networkspeed; the following will contend a device dump.

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Go to “Dialer”Type in(*#9900#)Go to the bottom of the page and select“Low Battery Dump”Select “Turn On”

Using those approaches from above, the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge charging problems should come to be solved.