Samsung galaxy s5 not receiving calls

Samsung Galaxy S5 not receiving calls is one of the many prevalent difficulties that is presently affecting some many type of flagship tools. Even though the Galaxy S5 didn’t manage to have the exact same success as previous gadgets, that doesn’t suppose that it isn’t a good phone.

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It has some of the best specifications that you have the right to discover. Also, it has a beautiful Super Amoled display screen and water-resistant body so you deserve to take it for a swim on the pool. Still, the Touchwiz firmware that Samsung puts on all devices seems to cause the majority of problems.

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In the past, we have actually talked about various troubles favor weak cell radio, battery drain, slow-moving charging, sluggish internet, low inner memory and also other troubles. If you are experiencing various other troubles than not receiving calls issue, inspect out the Galaxy S5 difficulties area.


Samsung Galaxy S5 not receiving calls issue is affecting a big number of devices all roughly the world and the reason for this is unknown.

Samsung hasn’t released any type of statement acknowledging this issue so looks like it is not a firmware associated difficulty.

Many of the times, this difficulty is reported by customers that have actually installed suspicious third-party applications which could interfere through the phone application.

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Solutions to deal with Samsung Galaxy S5 not receiving calls problem

Wipe cache and also information of the phone app: To wipe information and cache of the phone application, go to Setups. Scroll to the bottom and also open up Application Manager. Tright here, go to “All” and also uncover the phone app.

Tap on it and select Wipe cache and Wipe data. Then reboot your phone and attempt answering calls aacquire.

Relocation SIM card: Turn off your Galaxy S5, remove the back cover, battery and remove the SIM card. Try cleaning it and also put it earlier on. Also try an additional SIM card.

Boot right into Safe Mode: Booting into safe mode is an excellent means to inspect if any application is causing the trouble. When the phone boots into safe mode, only the operating device and also most vital applications run while user installed apps will not be displayed. If you soptimal experiencing the difficulty, then you should make a manufacturing facility recollection.

Method 1

Turn your phone off and also boot right into Recoextremely mode.Using Volume butloads, select Wipe information and factory recollection.

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Method 2

Go to Settings.Select Backup & Reset.Select “Factory Documents Reset”.Tap on Reset Phone.