Samsung galaxy s5 home button not working

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone individuals have actually been reporting that after an update, their Home button no much longer takes them to the Home screen once it is pressed as expected. Instead, it takes customers to Google Search. It is fairly an annoying problem.

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Some users have functioned about the problem by rebeginning their phone. However before, the problem appears to rerevolve after a few hrs. You have the right to settle the worry with these measures.

Systems 1

From the Home display, choose “Settings“.Choose “Applications“Select “Application manager“.Swipe left or appropriate over to “All“.Choose “Google App” or “Google Search“.Select “Uninstall updates“.Note: Some folks have chosen to pick “Turn off” rather of “Uninstall updates”. This will certainly disable the Google Search application totally.

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Solution 2

Power off the Galaxy S5 by pushing and also holding “Power“, then picking “Power off“.Once the device is entirely powered dvery own, host the “Volume Up” and also “Home” butloads, then power the device back on making use of the “Power” button.A boot menu must appear. Use the Volume butlots to toggle the highlighted enattempt to “Wipe cache partition“.Press the “Power” switch to choose that selection.Once completed, reboot the device, and also the Home button have to work-related as expected aacquire.

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