Samsung galaxy s3 troubleshooting black screen

Hello Readers, we’ve been getting a lot of mails from you guys that are dealing with display screen concerns via their Samsung Galaxy S3. The nature of these issues are different and some have actually a basic resolve some may require a display screen replacement in order to gain the gadget ago in appropriate functioning problem. Below are some of the concerns our readers have faced via their Samsung Galaxy S3 displays. You may go with the post to view if a troubleshooting solution helps your problem.

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If you have actually a different problem through your Samsung Galaxy S3 or through any kind of various other Android device, please feel free to create to us making use of this develop. We would certainly love to acquire your tool earlier to correct working problem. You have the right to additionally go through the list of problems various other readers have challenged and also go with our guides.

Tright here might be multiple causes that can variety from software application concern to hardware faiattract. It is necessary to follow the steps in order to pinsuggest the trouble and find a solve. It is recommfinished to begin troubleshooting by rebooting the tool.

Another technique would certainly be to rerelocate the battery from your Galaxy S3 and keep the phone aside for a few minutes. Insert the battery, power the device on and see if the problem you had has actually been resolved. If the trouble hasn’t been refixed it’s time to move ahead with troubleshooting it better. We have actually a list of worries that our readers have actually confronted and they have actually been nicely filed under our detailed Troubleshooting Guide for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Problem : Line on the Screen

Green line dvery own centre of display screen, if I display swarm it is not there.


This looks prefer a hardware trouble to me, a row of pixels may have malfunctioned bring about a green line to appear. Here are the actions to assess the problem. The first action would be to click a screenshot as soon as the trouble is visible. In this situation capture a screenswarm once a green line is visible on the screen.To take a screenshot on the Galaxy S3 organize dvery own the Home and the Power switch at the exact same time. The entirety display screen will certainly flash and it will certainly be saved in the gallery immediately. Additionally you deserve to additionally usage the inconstructed attribute on the S3 for screenshots, ssuggest swipe your hand also across the screen and it will certainly take a screenshot.

Go to the screenswarm and examine it for the green line. Zoom into the pic and also move approximately, if green line likewise moves through it then it looks choose a Software issue. But if the green line is still at the precise very same spot also as soon as you are relocating the pic about, it absolutely is a hardware concern.

Software issue

If it is a software problem then it is reasonably basic to resolve, you should follow the adhering to procedures. The phone will certainly be wiped in the procedure and also thus it is crucial that you take a backup of all the contents on your phone. Back-up photos, contacts and media from the phone bereason after the rest it will certainly be non recoverable.

Preparing the phone for the reset. After the backup charge the phone such that it has over 50% of battery left to percreate the recollection effectively.Go to Settings > Under the Accounts Tab > Back-up and Reset and click Factory Reset.The phone will currently start the procedure and also as soon as finish have to get rid of the problem.

Hardware Issue

If the initial diagnosis show that it is a hardware worry then the phone demands to a Samsung Service Center or a knowledgeable shop. Before changing the display we will certainly advise you to look if the display screen connector is linked secucount to the motherboard. A negative connector may likewise reason screen issues and altering the entire display screen won’t be compelled.

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In situation a display screen replacement is compelled, ensure that an original replacement component is used for it.

Problem: Screen not responding

“The display on my galaxy s3 won’t respond or rotate on the phone transforms on itself however the display screen doesn’t respond it’s just black”


The trouble deserve to be a hardware associated issue or a firmware problem, to preeminence out it being a firmware issue follow these steps. Putting the phone into Safe Mode, this have the right to be done however switching the phone on and pushing the menu button on the phone repetitively. The phone boots into safe mode where only preinstalled apps are loaded. You have the right to likewise try putting the phone right into Recoexceptionally Mode via the adhering to steps.

1) Turn off the device

2) Press the Power, Volume Up and the Home switch simultaneously

3) The tool will then boot right into recovery mode.

If the display functions in Safe Setting or Recovery mode it have the right to be narrowed dvery own to a firmware issue. You can percreate a Factory reset in Recoextremely mode or a flash the appropriate firmware for your phone.

If the display screen is still empty it is many likely a hardware concern. The display screen cable may have actually have actually come loose or the display may have quit functioning. To resolve this issue the phone will certainly have to be inspected by a qualified technician. First the connectors and cables need to be checked to ensure that the connectors are firmly in place and also the cables aren’t damaged. The connectors may need cleaning to encertain a proper link.

If the display screen still doesn’t turn on after the previous process, the screen might have actually developed an problem and isn’t functioning as meant. In situation the phone was dropped prior to the difficulty emerged tright here is a opportunity that the display screen might have been damaged in the loss. A display replacement would certainly be forced to gain the phone to appropriate functioning condition.

We would certainly recommfinish obtaining the display screen reput from a Samsung Authorized Service Center or a qualified technician. Also encertain that original components are provided for replacement.

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While composing to us, describe the problem you are facing in information so that it becomes easy to troubleshoot the worry. It will certainly additionally assist if you offer extra details sustaining the trouble, prefer the apps set up appropriate prior to the difficulty or incident that led to the difficulty.

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