Samsung galaxy s3 screen wont turn on

To say that Smartphones are convenient interaction gadgets would be the understatement of the year. This is because they not only enable customers to make phone calls, send text messages and also emails however also update social media netfunctions. So once your Samsung Galaxy S3 unexpectedly refuses to revolve on for no evident reason, the results can be extremely inconveniencing.

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If your tool refoffers to rotate on, you may instantly worry around exactly how you have the right to rescue your data especially if you didn"t have a current backup. In this article, we are going to look at just how you have the right to obtain your data from your Samsung Galaxy S3 even if you can"t turn on the device.

Part 1. Usual Reasons your Galaxy S3 Won"t Turn On

Before we obtain to "fixing" your Samsung Galaxy S3, it is crucial to understand some of the reasons why your device would refusage to turn on.

There are many factors, some of the many common ones being:

The battery on your device could be dead so before you panic, attach the tool to a charger and view if it will power on.Sometimes users report this problem on a device that is completely charged. In this situation, the battery itself might be faulty. To check, ssuggest adjust the battery. You deserve to buy a brand-new one or borrow from a frifinish.The power switch can additionally have a problem. So have it checked by a professional to rule it out.

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Part 2: Rescue the Documents on your Samsung

If your battery is fully charged, it is functioning just fine and also your power switch is not broken, you need to resort to other measures to resolve this trouble. We will be discussing the possible remedies later on in this post but we felt it is essential to suggest out that it is crucial to rescue the data on your device initially.

This method after your Galaxy S3 has actually been addressed, you deserve to simply pick up wright here you left off. You may be wondering just how you deserve to get data off the gadget when it will not even power on. The answer is by using Dr.Fone - Data Recoextremely (Android) . This software is designed for all services Android connected. Several of its functions include;


Dr.Fone - File Recovery (Android)

World"s first data retrieval software for damaged Android tools.

Highest retrieval rate in the sector.Recover photos, videos, contacts, messperiods, speak to logs, and also more.Compatible with Samsung Galaxy tools.
Available on: Windows
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How to usage Dr.Fone - Documents Recoexceptionally (Android) to Rescue your Samsung Data?

Ready to gain all your data from your tool before you settle the primary problem? Here"s a step by action guide.

Tip 1: Download and install Dr.Fone on your Computer. Launch the program and also attach your Samsung on computer system,then click "Documents Recovery".Choose the kind of information you want to recover. If you want to recoup everything on the device simply select "Select all". Then click "Next".


Step 2: Next, you need to tell Dr.Fone exactly what"s wrong through the gadget. For this particular trouble choose "Touch does"t work-related or cannot accessibility the phone."


Tip 3: Select the gadget name and version for your phone. In this situation it"s Samsung Galaxy S3. Click on "Next" to continue.


Step 4: Simply follow the instructions on the display in the next home window to permit the device to enter right into Downfill mode. If all points are OK, click "Next" to continue.


Tip 5: From below, attach your Galaxy S3 to your computer making use of USB cables and Dr.Fone will certainly start an evaluation of the gadget automatically.

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Step 6: After a successful evaluation and also scanning procedure, all the papers on your gadget will certainly be shown in the following home window. Choose the particular files you desire to conserve and also then click on "Recover to Computer".


It is that straightforward to gain all the information from your gadget even if it will not rotate on. Now let"s obtain to the solution for this primary difficulty.

Part 3: How to Fix a Samsung Galaxy S3 that won"t Turn On

We have to point out that this difficulty is fairly common however tbelow is no single solution to the difficulty. Even Samsung engineers had to perform some troubleshooting steps simply to number out what was happening.

There are however a variety of troubleshooting actions you deserve to attempt on your very own. Who knows, you may settle the problem in just the first try. Here"s what you have the right to do:

Tip 1: Press the power switch consistently. This is an easy means to recognize whether tright here is indeed a problem through the gadget.

Tip 2: If your gadget will not revolve on no issue exactly how many times you press the power button, rerelocate the battery and also then hold the power switch down. This is to drainpipe any power stored in the components on the phone. Place the battery back in the device and then trying powering on.

Tip 3: If the phone continues to be dead, try booting it in Safe mode. This is to dominion out the opportunity of an application avoiding the phone from booting up. To boot in Safe Setting, follow these steps;

Press and also hold the Power button The Samsung Galaxy S3 display screen will show up. Release the power switch and also organize the Volume Down Key


The tool will certainly restart and also you should watch the Safe Mode Text in the lower-left edge of the display.


Step 4: If you cannot boot to safe mode boot to recoexceptionally mode and also then wipe the cache partition. This is the last retype and also tbelow is no guarantee that it will certainly fix your device but here"s how to carry out it.

Press and also Hold the Volume Up, Home and Power Buttons

Release the Power Button as shortly as you feel the phone vibrate however keep holding the various other 2 till the Android System Recover display screen appears.


Using the Volume Down button select "wipe cache partition" and also then press the Power button to pick it. The gadget will certainly boot automatically.

Tip 5: If none of this functions you might have actually a battery difficulty. If you readjust the battery and the difficulty still persists, look for assist from a technician. They will have the ability to recognize whether the difficulty is your power switch and also resolve it.

Part 4: Tips to Protect your Galaxy S3

If you regulate to fix the difficulty, you will certainly really desire to avoid a similar instance in the near future. For this factor we have come up through a couple of methods you have the right to protect your gadget from future troubles.

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Encertain the apps you downpack are not corrupt. Some apps might prevent your device from rebooting normally.Keep your tool in a protective instance to prevent damage to the power switch in case of a fallKeep your device out of reach of children that might poke and also prod ultimately damaging the device without your expertise.Uninstall any type of third party apps that you might think could be leading to problemsRegularly clear the device cache on your tool. It have the right to magically enhance your device"s performance not to cite prevent future problems.Check your device from time to time to ensure it is functioning properly.