Safari black screen

I presently have actually an iPhone that is connecting to a browser through WebRTC and from that browser I have other added web browser home windows associated through webRTC that ptestimonial the very same video stream.

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iPhone > Safari Deskheight (video works) > Chrome/Firefox/Safari Deskoptimal works greatiPhone > Firefox (video works) > Chrome/Firefox/Safari Deskoptimal functions as welliPhone > Chrome (video works) > Chrome/Firefox/Safari display screen a babsence video

My problem is a tiny tough to describe so I"ve developed a photo to help show the issue:


The crazy thing is it works when the resource is an Android device or one more web browser. Is it possible that iOS Safari is limiting the WebRTC stream to the first browser? Is tbelow a method to debug why Chrome is displaying black instead of the video?


It looks choose this is a well-known issue via Chrome and H264:

When I disable H264 it functions so I will certainly run through that for now. Unfortunately that means we miss out on the benefits of H264 hardware encoding/decoding.

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