S7 edge slow charging

Galaxy S7 Edge comes via a vast battery inside, rapid charging, and also quick wireless charging. All of these seem to be the ingredients for a effective recipe and also yet, this is not what we are obtaining. With its charging features, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is supposed to fully-charge its battery much faster than usual, however many type of owners are complaining about slow charging issues.

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If you simply obtained the Galaxy S7 Edge and also currently you want to charge it without having to plug it in each time, you will certainly be even more than pleased to hear that Samsung has actually opted to encompass multiple wireless charging criteria on its phone, so you will have actually a variety of choices easily accessible to purchase.

However, things don’t constantly job-related as planned. For instance, you have to have the ability to use rapid wireless charging on your S7 Edge to charge the handset in no even more than two and also a half hours. It’s not as fast as the peak speed you deserve to normally obtain via a cable, however it’s the best choice for so many type of instances. Anyway, some civilization are finding that wireless charging is taking also more than 4 hrs and also this is not exactly how things should be.

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What must you execute in order to resolve these errors? Tbelow is no global solution, however right here you deserve to discover some tips that can aid you:

How to Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Slow Charging Problems:

First of all, enter right into Settings > Battery and scroll dvery own to make certain that Fast wireless charging is toggled on. If you don’t check out this choice, attempt placing the S7 Edge smatphone on a rapid charging pad and also it have to appear;You need to also plug your handset directly into a wall surface outlet, not an extension cord;If you usage a instance on your S7 Edge, rerelocate it and check out if the tool charges faster;Press and hold the Power key;As quickly as you deserve to check out the Samsung Galaxy S7 logo design on the screen, release the Power vital and also automatically organize the Volume Dvery own key;Continue holding the Volume Down button till the tool finishes rebooting;You can release it only once you view ‘Safe mode’ in the bottom left edge of the screen.If the trouble was resulted in by some third-party apps, then the device have to charge appropriately in safe mode. So, while the device is in this state, plug it in to charge and also see exactly how quick points occur in such problem. However before, if the charging is still sluggish, then you have actually at leastern ruled out this scenario.

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Assuming that all the various other actions were a faientice, you have to consult a technician or take in consideration the possibility of bringing the phone earlier to the save particularly if it’s still a couple of days or weeks old and it have the right to be conveniently reinserted.