S7 edge not charging

Charging problems is one of the a lot of common power-connected problems via the #Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (#S7Edge). We actually obtained many complaints from our readers that were complaining about their phones that won’t charge using the wired approach. In truth, we currently addressed many kind of of these problems before but since we are still receiving rather most comparable problems, we cannot just speak publishing write-ups choose this.

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In this short article, I contained a few charging concerns. The initially difficulty is around a unit that doesn’t charge while plugged in using its power adapter however charges via 1A power financial institution. It might be an issue through the hardware or the firmware and there’s only one way to discover out–troubleshooting. So, check out on to understand even more around this problem and also learn how to attend to it in case it occurs to your.

Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t charge making use of power adapters or chargers

Problem: We have had the phone for around 2 months and we had been travelling on a coach and it had actually charged fine yet as soon as I have actually come residence it has actually not charged I have tried about 5 various plugs and also chargers and it won’t charge it just charges as soon as I usage a 1 amp portable power bank and this has actually happiest to me and also my sister. We both have actually S7 edge me black her gold and also it has occurred on both. I think it is a software program point. We have updated a few weeks earlier and we have actually tried to restart the phone many type of times. Please assist. Answer: Well, it can be an concern with the firmware or a difficulty via the chargers or the cable you usage. We cannot simply jump into conclusion without doing some troubleshooting. Two Galaxy S7 Edge phones having actually the same worry and also do you think it’s additionally a cooccurrence that it happens to you and your sister? I don’t think so. Probably, you have the exact same collection of apps installed, right? My first suspect are the apps. You may have installed an application that deserve to manipulate the battery. With that in mind, I want you to boot your gadget in safe mode to temporarily disable all third-party apps. Press and also organize the Power vital.As shortly as you deserve to check out the ‘Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE’ on the display, release the Power key and automatically hold the Volume Down essential.Continue holding the Volume Down button till the device finishes rebooting.You might release it as soon as you can see ‘Safe mode’ in the bottom left edge of the display. Once the phone efficiently booted up in safe mode, attempt to charge phone utilizing the original charger. I understand you currently tried utilizing 5 different chargers, is that accurate? If so, then please just usage the original one after all, those third-party chargers don’t work as well. Should my suspicion that the difficulty is brought about by one of the apps, then it need to charge while in diagnostic state yet if not, then try connecting your device to a computer if feasible. By connecting it to a computer system, you have the right to automatically tell if the USB cable has actually something to perform through the difficulty. If the computer detects the phone, it must charge although very gradually yet if not, then it’s the cable. Try utilizing the USB cable of the other unit and watch if that functions. Lastly, if the phone still won’t charge if not through the power bank, then take time to backup your data and also files and also reset the gadget. If you were right around your suspicion that it’s a software application problem, then the recollection may resolve it however if not, then you have no other choice yet to have it checked. Here’s just how you efficiently reset your device…Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP secrets, then press and also hold the Power key. NOTE: It doesn’t matter exactly how long you push and also organize the Home and also Volume Up tricks, it won’t impact the phone yet by the time you press and also host the Power essential, that’s as soon as the phone starts to respond.When the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge reflects on the screen, release the Power vital but proceed holding the Home and also Volume Up tricks.When the Android logo mirrors, you might release both secrets and also leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 seconds. NOTE: The “Installing mechanism update” message may display on the screen for a number of seconds before displaying the Android system recovery menu. This is simply the initially phase of the whole process.Using the Volume Dvery own essential, navigate through the options and highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset.’Once highlighted, you might press the Power vital to choose it.Now highlight the alternative ‘Yes — delete all user data’ using the Volume Dvery own key and also push the Power switch to select it.Wait until your phone is finiburned doing the Master Reset. Once completed, highlight ‘Reboot mechanism now’ and push the Power vital.The phone will currently reboot much longer than usual.

Galaxy S7 Edge won’t reboot, display just flickers

Problem: I have tried the 4 steps to reboot my Samsung S7 Edge but the screen only light up for a portion of a 2nd and also off again. I brought this phone in Vienna, Austria, because I shed my s6 phone in the taxi while travelling to work-related in Vienna. As I am permanently in an additional country, I would certainly like to request whether I can still be assisted to settle my phone?

Answer: I don’t know exactly how this problem started considering that you just told us what’s happening via your phone currently or what the trouble is. If it’s damaged physically or by water, then wherever before you go, you cannot claim warranty. However, if it’s a minor difficulty not resulted in by you, you may still have the ability to have actually it checked by a technician without a service fee. Company rules differ from country to country so you won’t recognize unmuch less you attempt.

Galaxy S7 Edge draining the battery while plugged in rather of charging

Problem: I tfinish to put my phone to charge and I would certainly text world while charging and I recently sawas it would not charge it would actually drain even more than charger. I have actually this trouble while the phone is being charge and also I have actually the fast charging cable. Can you please assist.

Answer: Try turning the phone off and also plug it in to charge and if it charges fine and fast, then the trouble can be as straightforward as also much apps running in the background draining the battery quicker than the tool can charge. The following thing to perform is verify whether the phone likewise charge fine while in safe mode and also if it does, then attempt to uncover out which apps are resulting in the problem.

On the various other hand, if the tool won’t charge appropriately even if it’s turned off or in safe mode, then it might be a trouble through its charger. At this point in time, try making use of a different charger or attempt connecting your device to a computer. Should the tool charge as soon as utilizing a various charger or associated to a computer, then it’s time to buy a brand-new charger, otherwise, let it be checked by a technician.

Galaxy S7 Edge won’t revolve on nor respond without noticeable reason

Problem: I was headed home via my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge working perfectly fine. So I put my phone at a pocket in the auto. And as soon as i got residence it all of a sudden was not responding. I tried charging it yet the led indicator wasn’t lighting up however I still retained it plugged for favor maybe 20 mins however still wont rotate on. I additionally tried doing the reset through the volume key dvery own and also power button point and also it still wont respond. Should i acquire my phone repaired or something?

Answer: Don’t concern, it’s not as negative as you think. It’s an easy mechanism crash, which leaves the phone unresponsive and also charging is also impossible to do. You have the right to lug your phone earlier to life by pressing and also holding the Volume Down button and also Power key together for 15 seconds. If the difficulty happens more regularly, the phone might be suffering from a serious firmware worry and a recollection could be necessary. My point is, considering that it currently happened as soon as, there’s a opportunity it would certainly occur again so proceed observing your phone.

Galaxy S7 Edge keeps reflecting the “moisture detected” warning

Problem: Ever given that utilizing the VR I have actually charging issues with intermittent “moisture detected” warnings. Phone has not acquired wet and also USB port is dry. At times while phone is charging after the charging will certainly stop/continue randomly through intermittent warnings. Sometimes it will charge without problems for a great 30 min prior to any type of indicators. Sometimes longer. I’ve read various other reports through similar or the same concerns.

Answer: Try to check the USB port on your phone to check out if tright here is a pin that’s bent or a lint inside. If there’s a bent pin, attempt to straighten it out as that might be the problem and also as for the lint or debris, simply rerelocate it or blast compressed air into the port to clean it up. However before, if there’s no problem in the port, it’s time you had actually it checked.

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Galaxy S7 Edge won’t turn on after feasible overheating

Problem: Was utilizing Dr Fone to recuperate deleted photos from my S7 Edge. Software froze which is as soon as I realised my phone appeared to be switched off, but extremely warm, over 104f (baby thermometer). Error message wregarding the effect that my phone maloperated. So I dislinked connection from my PC. I supplied the volume and begin button, this inevitably seemed to switch the phone off, as it began to cool down. However before I cannot switch my phone on. Can you help?Answer: In various other words, the phone overheated. Pressing and also holding the Volume and Home butlots won’t revolve off the gadget so I think the phone switched off on its very own as preventive measure because if it stayed on, it can have been fried.

Allow the phone to cool off and then push and organize the Volume Down switch and then the Power vital and also save them pressed together for 15 secs. That should boot the phone up but if not, try to charge the phone for a few minutes and also try to watch if it does warmth up quick because if so, there’s nothing you deserve to carry out about it other than carry it to a technician and also have it checked or repaired. If it charges, but, and the charging indications are reflecting, then you have the right to turn the phone on after a few minutes.

Galaxy S7 Edge froze however residence screen is on via blue line

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has frozen up, the house display is on but there’s a blue line that’s scrolling up and dvery own it won’t let me enter to my apps. It does not respond at all.

Answer: That’s an additional variation of a device crash–the phone becomes unresponsive but the display screen continues to be on. To deal with it, push and also organize the Volume Dvery own and also Power secrets together for 15 seconds. This will make the phone reboot generally.

Galaxy S7 Edge won’t charge as much as 100%, stops at 70%

Problem: Hi. My phone all of a sudden doesn’t charge as much as 100%, it stops at 70%, little icon on a battery shows lightning bolt on it while charger is plugged in but it doesn’t charge anymore. Tried to reboot yet nopoint readjusted. And i think battery life started to go down a lot quicker than usual. Any ideas?

Answer: Try to boot your gadget in safe mode and check out if it have the right to proceed as much as 100% when all third-party apps are disabled. If still not, attempt turning it off but proceed charging it. If the difficulty stays, attempt to wipe the cache partition as corrupt caches might occasionally reason problems choose this.

Turn off the phone.Press and also then host the Home and Volume UP secrets, then press and also host the Power key.When the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mirrors on the display screen, release the Power essential yet continue holding the Home and Volume Up tricks.When the Android logo reflects, you may release both keys and also leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 secs.Using the Volume Down essential, navigate through the options and also highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’Once highlighted, you might press the Power key to select it.Now highlight the option ‘Yes’ making use of the Volume Down essential and push the Power switch to select it.Wait till your phone is finiburned wiping the cache partition. Once completed, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and push the Power essential.The phone will certainly now reboot longer than usual.

If all else fails, have actually it checked by a technician.

Is Galaxy S7 Edge waterproof? No, it’s not.

Problem: Phone not waterproof. In 3ft of h2o, holding breath took pic and came back up no longer than 10sec. Phone will certainly not come on contact Samsung and also told since I didn’t purchase straight from them they are not responsible. How can you advertise one thing and also not stand behind it.

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Answer: First off, we are not connected through Samsung, so if you’re right here to air out your frustration reasoning we’re Samsung, you’re barking at the wrong tree.

But anymeans, we likewise would choose to tell you that the phone is water-resistant, not waterproof. No one can blame you for reasoning it’s waterproof as the IP68 rating is among the selling points of the phone. But the truth is water can still obtain right into the tool and that’s what taken place to yours, right? Too bad Samsung won’t take it in and fix it without fee but it’s because water damage isn’t extended by the device’s warranty.

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