S7 charging slow


There are different reasons to this problem. If you have actually plugged in your Galaxy S7 and it claims that it is charging however the battery never goes up, there can be a difficulty through the USB cable. You deserve to examine the charging present and check out if it is charging via the right speed.

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How to deal with slow charging difficulty with the Galaxy S7


Check your power adapter: The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes through quick charge innovation which permits it to charge faster than various other smartphones. But in order to perform so, it needs an original Samsung power adapter which states Fast Charging. If you have bought another power adapter which says Rapid Charging, be cautious because it could be fake. To check out if it is fake or not, affix your phone and also let it charge. It have to say in the notice drawer that Rapid Charging is permitted. If it doesn’t say that, then you need a new USB wall adapter.


Check your USB to micro USB cable: The Galaxy S7 comes with a traditional USB charging cable. You connect one side to the wall adapter and one side to the micro USB port of the Samsung Galaxy S7. The cable is designed to last for a long time and endure some physical damages at some suggest.

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If you charge your phone a lot, you might actually damage the cable. The cable deserve to be damaged on multiple areas. The micro USB head of the cable can come to be damaged if some of the pins stop working or the wires inside the cable could break. Having a damaged USB cable is a poor point bereason the phone mirrors as charging when in reality it is not.


Broken port on the phone: If the wall adapter and also charging cable are both in working problem, then you must take a look at the charging port of your phone. After a while, dust accumulates inside causing charging difficulties. When you attempt to insert the cable on your phone, dust will proccasion the phone from charging. In this situation, take something small prefer a tooth pick and very closely clean the port.

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These are a few means to deal with the slow charging difficulty of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and also Galaxy S7 edge. If you have any kind of various other suggestions let us know below.