S6 power button not working


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January 31, 2019


Before you have the right to also begin utilizing all the wonderful attributes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, you need to be able to revolve it on and off. If you have actually damaged the power button on the smartphone, it more than likely doesn’t come as a shock that turning the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on or off deserve to become a bit of an obstacle. So you may be wondering, “How perform I turn my Galaxy S6 on and off without the power button working?” Don’t worryif you’ve damaged or damaged the power button on your smartphone. We’ll explain listed below just how to rotate your Galaxy S6 on and also off without the power button, and also you can use the same instructions for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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How to rotate ON the Galaxy S6without utilizing the power button:

When the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge is turned off, press and also hold the volume switch for a couple of seconds.Whileholding the volume button,attach the Galaxy S6 to acomputer utilizing a USB cable.Wait for your phone to boot to Downfill mode.Then press dvery own on the volume rocker to cancel the procedure.After the operation has canceled, theGalaxy will reboot and also turn on.You have effectively turned on the Galaxy S6 without utilizing thepower switch.

How to turn OFF Galaxy S6 without utilizing the power button:

Press the home switch and also go to the Home screen.Select the Applications icon.Browse and selectthe Play Store icon.In the Search box, kind in Button Savior.After permitting Debugging Setting, open Button Savior and also Select Kill/Start Button Savior Service.A display screen will certainly pop-up via a tiny arrow on the right side of the screen.Select it to convert it right into symbols.Tap and also hold on the Power buttonon the lowest component of the symbol list to view tool alternatives.Select the Power Off option to revolve off your gadget.You have actually efficiently turned off the GalaxyS6 without utilizing its power button.

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Maybe it’s not as convenient as simply utilizing a power button, yet currently you deserve to turn your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge on or off also if the power switch is damaged.

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