Run itunes as a service

Start Apple"s iTunes as soon as your PC boots and keep it serving your music, videos and also photos unattfinished in the background. No have to log in!

iTunes organizes your media library and streams content to Apple"s immensely popular individual devices.

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To connumber iTunes as a Windows Service through AlwaysUp 8.0 and also later:

Next off, let"s prepare iTunes to run unattended. Due to the fact that you will not be tright here to babysit the software application, you want to limit those annoying dialog boxes that occasionally come up to interrupt the activity.

Start iTunes and also choose Precommendations... from the System menu (the black-and-white square in the top left corner):


Click the OK switch to record your changes.

Close iTunes.

Start AlwaysUp.

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On the General tab:

In the Application area, enter the complete course to iTunes. Unless you have actually customized your iTunes installation, this will be:C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe

Even though we"ve currently turned off some of the iTunes prompts, iTunes can still gain hung up in the background expecting you to dismiss out on one of its warns.For example, iTunes will comordinary that it deserve to not play audio once run as a company in Session 0 and will certainly not start serving your media until you click the OK button:


To address this and also other similar troubles, we have actually written a smallAutoIt plugin that can automatically dismiss out on iTunes prompts. The basic code is here (DismissITunesPrompts.au3).

To put up the automatic dismissal of iTunes prompts:

Click over to the Automate tab. Check the When the application starts, run this automation script/executable box.

That"s it! Next time your computer system boots, iTunes will begin up prior to anyone logs on.

Feel free to modify iTunes in AlwaysUp and also check out the many type of various other settings that might be valuable for your atmosphere.For instance, run a script before starting, send email cautions, increase priority, and also much more.

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iTunes not working correctly as a Windows Service?

Try switching to Session 0 (from the Tools menu) to check out if iTunes is stuck trying to obtain your attention.You have the right to likewise try restarting iTunes in the present session (by means of the Application menu) to have iTunes appear alongside your various other windows and troubleshoot from tbelow.