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Congratulations to all the winners and also thanks to everyone that downloaded the RTM Videos App.

We hope you"ll gain all the great videos!

Don"t forobtain to watch jiyuushikan.org on your favorite TV Station.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Wright here have the right to I see the complete rules?http://www.jiyuushikan.org/complete-rules

How regularly may I enter?One enattempt per perchild per family members deal with per day.

How deserve to I know if I am a winner?We will certainly attempt to contact you by email.

How frequently is a winner selected?One winner will certainly be selected each weekday throughout the sweepstakes period.

Can I enter utilizing a internet browser?Sorry, the only way to enter is though the RTM Videos application on iOS and Android gadgets. Entering is not feasible on desktop or laptop computers or on mobile web browsers.

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Can I enter at your internet website or by email?We will certainly not be accepting entries at our internet website or by email.

Do you have an app for Windows smartphones, Blackberry devices or other mobile platforms?Not best currently. The RTM Videos application is designed for iOS and Android.

What if I do not have a smartphone or the application isn"t obtainable for my device, is tbelow any type of various other method to enter?You need to enter using the RTM Videos app. We are not accepting alternate creates of entry, consisting of, yet not restricted to, email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, telegram, or smoke signals.

Why can not I see the entry create on my mobile device?Sadly, some iOS or Android mobile tools might not have the ability to access the entry create. If your device have the right to not access the create, it will certainly not be feasible to enter.

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I have the RTM Videos app yet there"s no "Victory iPad" button?You may not have the most recent variation of the RTM Videos application. Try downloading the latest version.

I"m in Canada. Why can not I enter?We love Canada and we are glad you are watching jiyuushikan.org. But the legal men in the suits say that nice folks like you have the right to just the sweepstakes if you are legal residents of the USA and also District of Columbia. Rats!