Rsim 12 not working


RSIM12 V9.1 Use instruction

World Video click here


1、The default version,au /sb/sprint/docomo/att/vrzen,etc,inserting it and also 4G signal availble instantly, namely 4G auto mode ( Fit for 5s to iphone x ), comparable to unlocked Non-contract iphone.

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If the default iccid mode as soon as adjusted or upgraded are not in accordance, (such as updating ios11 or ICCID adjusted, constantly pop out increating food selection to activate ): after inserting mobile card and SIM card, no matter what state of your mobile ( including the mobile signal and also 4G currently available) , dial adhering to command *5005*7672*00# and also reelect operator.





New functions:

1.ICCID perfect unlock

2.6s,6s9,se perfect unlock. Choosing corresponding operator and also unlocking mode, take out the card and also insert it in to wait signal. CMCC and Unicom unlocked perfectly.

PS:If no signal after waiting for about 1 min, after all setting done, taking out and insert card once aget, then signal obtainable soon.

3.TMSI unlock AUTOMODE1 mode, as TMSI mode not perfect unlocking, at some point signal will certainly be off or no service, this mode have the right to obtain signal immediately.

Above procedure pls describe video instruction.

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4.TMSI unlock AUTOMODE1 mode, is much faster for signal receiving than AUTOMODE1, and no require dialing 112 for quick signal receiving. ( This mode recommeded )

5.Sim card program support sim card reader update

SIM Card menu



It is double mode unlock, fit for the majority of mobile in 2g GSM net


TMSI Setting applied in 4G net, with 4 unlock modes.

Go into in food selection, there’re 4 settings for option.



2.1ManualMODE1(CMCC, Unicom UNLOCK)

Instruction: Go into right into Activate mode, wait for 4g net showed up, then dial 112. Take out sim card and also insert in, and wait for signal appeared.

Choosing this unlock mode, mobile will enter right into activate mode immediately if signal off, and tbelow will be sound notice to unlock aobtain and regain signal, in case of missing speak to. ( Operation Instructions please refer to video. )

2.2 Manual MODE2(CMCC, Unicom UNLOCK)

first step: Insert Sim card and also mobile card right into mobile, select your mobile operator, select Manual Mode2, then click Accept button, finish card establishing, turned your mobile off and then rotate on.

Tip 2: enter into Sim card application regimen, choose

,mobile will certainly enter into “ Need activating mode” instantly, take treatment of mobile signal and 4G signal, wait for secs and dial 112, in seconds, take off card and also insert in quickly, then wait for signal and also complete unlocking. ( If it doesnot occupational at initially time, please attempt a couple of more times.

PS:This strategy fits for unlocking CMCC card.

2.TMSI unlock AUTOMODE1 mode, as TMSI mode not perfect unlocking, at some time signal will certainly be off or no company, this mode can gain signal instantly.

Above operation pls describe video instruction.


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TMSI unlock AUTOMODE1 mode, is faster for signal receiving than AUTOMODE1, and no require dialing 112 for quick signal receiving. ( This mode recommeded )

2.4CMCC can unlock by adhering to methods:

Method 1

2.41Instruction step: choose

->Manual mode2, then take off card, and insert SIM card in mobile phone alone, 4G signal shows up, click “ mobile information activate phone”, SIM card mirrors invalid, then rotate off mobile phone to take off SIM card. Insert SIM Card along with mobile card into mobile phone, waiting for mobile getting signal.

Method 2

2.4.2first step: Insert Sim card and also mobile card into phone, choose“

”mode, click “Accept, finish card setting.

Tip 2: take out SIM card, insert Unicom and CMCC 4g card right into mobile phone, mobile well-known SIM card, it will certainly enter right into “ Activation required” immediately, mobile will certainly shows up solid 4G signal, click following action and also it shows SIM card invalid, then turn off mobile. ( mobile screen transforms black, and also wait 10 secs for totally off ).

Step 3: Insert Mobile card and SIM card into mobile, turn on mobile phone, CMCC signal will appear. Or sometimes 2G signal appears first, wait for a moment, then Unicom and also CMCC 4g signal gained.


4G CDMA sime supreme sharp; CDMA 4g ios 9 to ios11 unlock method

Step 1: Insert SIM card and telecom card right into mobile phne, pick CDMA4G if you use telcom card, then pick relevant operator ( only sprint, Japan AU and softfinancial institution 3 version assistance telecom), then click “ Accept” , finish card setting.

Tip 2: take out card, insert telecom card into mobile phone alone, mobile will certainly acknowledge SIM card and also enter right into “ Activation required” mode automatically, then mobile will certainly show up solid full signal and also 3G, if you usage 4G card, mobile will certainly show up solid 4G signal, then click next step to activate. Mobile will present invalid SIM card, then revolve off your mobile phone. ( mobile display turns babsence, and wait 10 secs for totally off ).

Tip 3: Insert mobile card and also SIM card together right into mobile phone, rotate on mobile phone, telecom signal will certainly appear, complete unlock.


In SIM card application function


“Reobtain SIM signal” is applied to anti-activation, if under TMSI unlock mode, no signal appears, please click this to gain signal