Router password changed by itself

One of my neighbors hacked the password of my rexternal and he uses my limited internet package. I adjust the wifi SSID nearly day-to-day, but he have the right to hack it quickly. Today, he changed the SSID to a hate speech "insult".

How have the right to I speak him? I need a quick and powerful solution. Is tbelow any kind of easy-to-usage software that protects my wifi?

I have actually an principle but I do not know just how to perform it. Sometimes my mobile (smart phone) finds a wifi network-related that does not have a password. So, I have the right to attach to it easily. When I access the internet, all websites are unobtainable. And I deserve to not surf any kind of webweb page. How to do something choose that?

Edit: I"m Using WPA/WPA2 PSK



Tbelow are two various passwords that access different functions. If an attacker has the admin password, then he / she have the right to change the SSID, WiFi password, and also any type of various other settings on the WiFi rexternal.

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To fix: ensure your WiFi defense establishing is WPA or WPA2. Then adjust the WiFi password to a lengthy one (at least 12 personalities, even more is better) with one-of-a-kind personalities and numbers (such as #, $ %, !, 1, 6, view for example Is tright here any point in using 'strong' passwords?). Also, make certain the admin password on the WiFi rexternal is adjusted from the manufacturing facility default. This admin password is different than the WiFi password. It should likewise be a long complicated password, but do NOT make it the very same as the WiFi password. The WiFi password is the one you give to friends and also household to accessibility your WiFi. The admin password have to be retained through you only, or civilization you REALLY trust, as it deserve to be provided to readjust WiFi settings. Once this is done, adjust the SSID ago to one you choose.

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Also, make certain to disable the feature referred to as Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). See for details on why WPS is not recommfinished.

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If the attacker is still able to adjust the SSID and any passwords, your mechanism is more deeply compromised and I would recommfinish contacting a computer system professional or store who can aid you clean your mechanism. They deserve to additionally offer you advice on if tbelow is anypoint neighborhood legislation enforcement have the right to carry out, as your attacker is most likely committing a crime.