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I have rooted my Nexus 5 and also am trying to move an apk to the system/apps directory but save obtaining "Operation Failed". I am trying to relocate from the /data/application catalog to the /system/application catalog to provide accessibility to system just settings.

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I have adjusted /mechanism and /system/application to permissions of 777 through "Root Browser".

What requirements to be changed to permit for this?


Many tools have actually the mechanism partition mounted as read-just. You need to remount the partition through compose accessibility so that you can modify the papers.

This free app need to work. Other utilities such as ES Data Explorer and also Titanium Backup likewise have the capacity to remount the device partition as writeable.

Additionally, you can usage a Terminal Emulator or ADB to run the following command also, which should remount the volume also.

sumount -o remount,rw /device /system

After the volume is mounted as read/compose, you deserve to go ahead and move the app over. The volume will certainly reprimary read/create until you reboot the tool, at which time it will revert to read-just.

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answered Mar 13 "14 at 15:51

Stephen SchraugerStephen Schrauger
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Use ES File Explorer..

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Select menu-> Switch on Root Explorer under Tools.

Aacquire click on Root Explorer.

A pop up home window will show up.

Select Mount R/W -> Select RW option from the brand-new popup for "/" and also "system".

Now onto your procedure.You will certainly currently be able to move the files without faitempt.

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answered Mar 14 "14 at 18:44

Alexander The GreatAlexander The Great
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