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Pricing for Rock Canyon Respiratory and Rehabilitation Center

Nursing Care $7,302* (click below for pricing info)

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About Rock Canyon Respiratory and Rehabilitation Center

Rock Canyon Respiratory and also Rehabilitation Center is an 81 bed nursing facility situated close to the Salt Creek location of Pueblo, Coloraexecute. With an average per-household earnings of $28,844, the area is in a greatly lower earnings area. It is greatly occupied, via approximately 27,000 people residing in the 81004 zip code. It is located close to many type of regional conveniences, which include healthtreatment facilities, retail stores, and churches. Tright here are numerous churches within four miles, including New Bethany Baptist Church, Divine Family Church, Caldiffer Church, and First Church of the Nazarene. There are many drug stores within 1 mile of the area. They"re additionally situated simply 1.02 miles from Centura Health-St Mary Corwin Medical Center.

Rock Canyon Respiratory and also Rehabilitation Center supplies nursing home care. The community is an excellent option for human being who can not live by themselves and also who require a higher level of security and also medical treatment.

The average per month price of care for this facility is about $7,302. The Pueblo average for the exact same level of treatment is approximately $7,543. While the US estimated expense is around $6,360, the State of Colorado comes in at $6,510 each month.

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Rock Canyon Respiratory and also Rehabilitation Center has actually served the neighborhood for 51 years and they"re licensed through both Medicassist and Medicare. In the the majority of recent rating by Medicare, they acquired a cumulative score of 2 / 5 stars based upon an unified criterion of in its entirety top quality, health and wellness and safety assessments, and staff ratings. Within the latest period they have had actually the following: 17 deficiencies reported, 6 complaints made, 0 payment denials, 0 full penalties issued, and also 0 fines issued.

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