Ringtones not showing up on iphone

I had actually 48 custom ringtones on my iPhone. Today, I included another and also now that’s the just one on tbelow. When I go to Settings - Sounds, all my ringtones are gone.

But as soon as I attach my iPhone to iTunes (12.7) they display up under On My Device - Tones, yet earlier under Sounds they’re not tright here.

I adhered to your advice on the previous threview and also drag dropped from desktop computer to phone icon in iTunes, however only 4 replicated. I deleted 2 albums from my iPhone to make more room, however still no even more than four of the forty-eight show up. Really frustrating!

Can you please tell me what’s going on?

Now my Tones tab states 318 items but there are six of each tone: 5 greyed out through the perforated citcle, one in black via exclamation note.

A t advice, instructions a lot appreciated.

Thank you

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Posted on Apr 29, 2018 8:11 PM

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Drop Dvery own menu
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You"re a lot of welcome.