Ringtone keeps going to silent

"My iPhone 11 goes right into silent mode by itself. Looking at the settings, nothing has actually adjusted and also would certainly show all sounds are still on. However, I'll not get any sounds notice, ringer and also alarms are off. Why this is happenning and how to fix? It is really annoying.

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" -- Posted on Apple Discussion

It is just one of the most prevalent difficulties reported through the sound on iOS devices: iPhone keeps switching to silent mode. This have the right to reason you lacking necessary notifications including phone calls. Don't problem. Here we have actually compiled some effective options to fix iPhone keeps switching to silent. We recommend you trying one solution and then move on to the next if the trouble persists.

1. Adjust Sound Settings on iPhone

It is possible that you accidentally rotate off the sound using the device's butloads. You can change this in Settings, avoiding the buttons from interfering via the sound. To execute that , go to Setups > Sounds & Haptics (for older iOS, simply Sound), then revolve off "Change through Buttons" under the "Ringer and Alerts" area.


2. Change Do Not Disturb Settings

Adjusting the Sound settings on your iPhone will help to deal with the problem. If not, you can make use of Do Not Disturb attribute to eliminate any settings that can be resulting in the iPhone keeps switching to silent concern. To carry out that, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and locate the option "Activate". It is collection to "Automatically" by default. Change it to "Manually" and also check out if the silent switch is functioning effectively.


3. Force Restart Your iPhone

Force restarting your iPhone is also a great way to rerelocate any type of settings that could be leading to the problem of iPhone keeps switching to silent. Here's how to pressure restart your iPhone:

For iPhone 8 and also later: Press and quickly release the volume up button, then press and conveniently release the volume down button. Press and organize the power switch till you watch the Apple Logo.

For iPhone 7 and also 7 plus: Press and organize the power switch and the volume up button till the Apple Logo shows up on the display screen.

For iPhone 6 and earlier: Press and also hold the power and also residence butloads until the Apple logo appears on the screen.


4. Fix with Bold Text Function

Most human being don't recognize it, but you deserve to additionally rebegin the tool using the "Bold Text" attribute in Setups. To do that, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, then turn on "Bold Text" and also a popup will show up telling you the tool will rebegin. Tap "Continue" and the iPhone will restart.


5. Check & Clean the Switch Button

You have the right to uncover the silent switch just above the volume butloads on your iPhone. Using a soft cloth or a toothpick to clean the switch switch and make certain tright here is no dirt/dust in it. Sometimes, the switch might be damaged or faulty, then your device might go silent at inopportune moments. Try placing the tool in silent mode using the silent button. If it doesn't job-related, you have to consider contacting Apple Support to get the device repaired.

6. Use Assistive Touch Instead

Excessive making use of of the switch button may influence its functionality. In this situation, we indicate you use the Assistive Touch instead of the switch button to change the Silent/Ringer choice. Here's just how to do it:

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Accessibility to situate the choice "Assistive Touch" and turn it on.

Go back to house screen and tap the grey floating circle, then click on the "Device" choice.

Here you'll be able to unmute, volume up, volume dvery own the tool without any kind of physical buttons.


7. Upday iOS to the Latest Version

Updating the iOS to the latest variation of iOS 14 deserve to help to settle any kind of bugs in the mechanism that can be bring about the iPhone's sound to malfunction. Follow these straightforward actions to update the device:

Connect the iPhone to a secure Wi-Fi netoccupational.

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Open the Setups on your device and also then tap on General.

Tap on "Software Update" and also if an upday is easily accessible, click "Downpack and also Install" to install it on your gadget.


8. Repair iOS to Fix iPhone Keeps Switching to Silent

Many troubles like this one are resulted in by worries via the iOS mechanism. If all the options over don't work to repair the gadget, you have to consider using an iOS mechanism repair tool to settle it. One of the finest devices to usage is jiyuushikan.org iOS System Recoexceptionally. The regime has actually excellent features designed to aid repairing any type of iOS connected worry. These attributes include the following:

The Standard Setting enables you to settle all iOS associated problems without data loss.

Fix the majority of iOS problems prefer iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo, Recoincredibly or DFU mode, the black/white display and also many kind of various other concerns.

It is very basic to usage, permitting you to repair your tool in a couple of basic procedures and a couple of minutes.

It supports all iOS devices and iOS versions, including the latest iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro (Max) and also iOS 14.


Follow these easy measures to use jiyuushikan.org to repair an iPhone with sound issues:

Tip 1: Install the iOS repair tool on your computer and then launch it. In the primary home window, pick "Standard Mode" to start.


Tip 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer system and also unlock the device to allow the regimen to recognize it. If it is not associated, put the device in DFU/recoincredibly mode making use of the procedure displayed on the screen.


Tip 3: The regime will certainly then detect the device's model and current you via various suitable firmware choices. Select one and also then click "Download".


Tip 4: Once the firmware downfill is complete, click "Fix Now" and also the regimen will automatically begin repairing the gadget.


Keep the tool linked to the computer system until the process is finish and also the gadget restarts.

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Whenever before your iPhone is having the concern of iPhone keeps switching to silent, you deserve to use the remedies above to repair the gadget. Select a solution you deserve to trust and follow the instructions to implement it. Let us know in the comments area below if you were able to repair the gadget. Your questions and comments on this problem and many kind of others are welcomed.